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Hoboken Rivington underwear drawer

Maintenance worker allegedly caught going through woman’s underwear drawer Posted: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 9:53 PM EDT Updated: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 10:03 PM EDT

A Hoboken couple says they are looking to move out of their apartment after they say they caught a maintenance worker going through their underwear drawer.

Alex Sacchetti and his fiancé live in the Rivington apartment building. He says that a few weeks ago he received an alert on his phone that the security camera in his bedroom had gone off.

"It said there was a notification for motion so I checked it,” he says.

Sacchetti says that he saw an apartment maintenance worker in his bedroom. And then he says that the worker did something out of the ordinary.

"I started watching and the man was going through the dresser and I thought ‘Wow that's strange,’ and then he opened it and he was going through my fiancé's underwear and after I watch the entire event, there was potentially other lewd acts that took place,” he says.

The worker could be seen checking the bedroom door, closing it and turning off the lights. He is then seen going into the corner of the room. It was unclear what he was doing in the corner because he was blocked by pillows near the camera.

Sacchetti says he quickly called management and alerted them.

The worker is then seen looking at the camera when he answers his radio call to leave the unit.

"It was like pretty much your whole privacy is violated,” Sacchetti says.

Sacchetti says his fiancé was so upset by the whole situation that she is staying somewhere else for now. They filed a police report, but there is little that can be done.

"He had the right to be in here and apparently anything that took place is not a crime,” Sacchetti says.

The building is owned by Equity Apartments. Sacchetti says that the company is not taking the situation seriously.

"There's been some outreach from some sort of manager or something, we're not exactly sure,” he says. “But as far as oversight or, 'Hey so sorry this happened to you,’ none of that."

News 12 New Jersey reached out to Equity Apartments for comment but did not hear back.

Sacchetti says that this should serve as a warning to others to make sure they have a surveillance camera set up in their homes. The couple is hoping to switch apartments in the near future.


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