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one day we were in class and it was about half an hour until lunch. When I had sat down after reces

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Panty Pooping

I remember an accident that happened in seventh grade. I sat in the desk in front of Alyssa. These were those old wooden desks that the backrest does not go all the way down to the seat, so you can see the seat of the pants of the person in front of you.

Anyway, one day we were in class and it was about half an hour until lunch. When I had sat down after recess, my skirt caught a little on a rough edge of the back of the seat, enabling her to see my panties. Because of the way it caught, though, she was probably the only one who could see it because she was right behind me.

Eventually she noticed that I was squirming a little in my seat. She realized that I probably had to go to the bathroom badly. She also knew that I was way too shy to ask the teacher if I could go to the restroom, so she was wondering if I would make it to lunch. Well,! this squirming went on for about 10 minutes.

Then, finally, I stopped squirming, and she saw a large brown lump forming in my underwear. I basically filled

my panties. There was a brown bulge about the size of a baseball in the back of my underwear, but it must have been pretty solid because none leaked out of my panties.

Then came the pee that usually comes when you poop, so now my panties were wet, too. I also got my skirt wet too, but it didn't show because it was dark. There really wasn't much of a

smell, so she don't think anyone else noticed.

When we lined up for lunch, though, we were in the line and she heard a soft crackling noise. She bent over like she was tying her shoe and looked and saw that I was having another BM. By this time my panties were really sagging. Like she

said, it was solid again, and amazingly none leaked out. Even when I sat down, I just sat carefully so all of the poop went to the front and back and none came out my legs.

She kept bending over to look. (She was a girl too so it wasn't that bad of a thing to do.) She thought that I might be able to make it through the rest of the day without anyone finding out. Anyway, the teacher then took us all outside for recess. In our class we had certain times of the day when the whole class was led to the bathrooms, one in the morning and one after lunch when we were going to lunch recess.

Nobody was allowed to go at any other time unless it was

an absolute emergency, but, as she said, Ha Le was too shy too speak up when I needed to. Anyway, She guessed I was going to wait until the bathroom trip before lunch recess to go get myself cleaned up, which I did. However, when we all got into the bathroom, there are no doors on the stalls so there was no way I was going to change with 15 other girls around. I just went back outside without having accomplished anything, and just sort of stood there for most of recess, which was 30 min long.

Unfortunately! for me, I had another BM while I was standing there. (Man! I must have eaten something that I ate that disagreed with me!) Anyway, there was obviously no more room for the poop, so some came out and landed on the ground below me. Several people saw this happen and said,

Ha Le pooped her panties! Ha Le pooped her panties!?

Since this was lunch recess and the bathroom break was 30 minutes ago, the teacher thought I must have done it on purpose. Since recess was over anyway, she took us all back to the bathrooms (there was no other teacher around to watch the rest of the class so we all had to wait in the bathrooms.

The teacher then made me take my skirt off to clean up, and when she saw how much poop was there, she was MAD. All the other 15 girls saw it too. My panties were probably sagging about 3 inches down from where they should be, and they were completely filled with poop. Also, there was some

poop running down my leg from my last BM. Amazingly, there was very little smell.

The teacher then made me clean my panties out in the toilet, and after she did that the teacher told me that she didn't want to see me poop anymore today, so to poop. I started heading to the toilet but the teacher said no! You will not poop there! You will squat over this paper towel and poop on it where we can all see you! That should teach you not to poop in your panties again!?

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