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Short girl problems and perks


Short girl problems and perks

Image adapted from: @caramellechaos

Fun-sized. Petite. Mini. Call me what you want, but here’s the truth that everyone who’s seen me IRL knows: I’m darn short, and no amount of delicately-phrased euphemisms will change that.

But it’s fine - I haven’t grown since the age of 12, and have come to terms with it a long time ago. Many other vertically-challenged people I know try to keep their height a secret, but I’m pretty open about it: My entire being measures at just 145cm. Yep, never even hit the 150s range.

Now, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m still a perfectly functioning human being, albeit one who can’t reach the top shelf.

Being short comes with its fair share of struggles, but also plenty of perks - here’s what it’s like walking in my tiny size 35 shoes, both the good and the not-so-great.


1. Your dating pool automatically increases ‘cause Singaporean guys aren’t that tall


Short girl Singapore

Luckily for my not-so-tall boyfriend, I’m still at least half a head shorter than him even in 3.5” heels
Image credit: @caramellechaos

Not to sound shallow, but real talk: Most girls would prefer a boyfriend who's taller than them, with healthy allowance for high heels. He’s cute, but he’s kinda short was never something I had to worry about. Towering at over 185cm tall? Sure, I love me a tall bloke. Relatively shorter in the 160s range? Well, why not! We’ll still be nicely proportioned next to each other.

In a country like Singapore where men aren’t that tall, it pays for a girl to be petite. My own boyfriend is a few centimetres shy of 170. Would I have considered him if I had the height of a supermodel? Even if the answer is yes, would he want to date a girl taller than him? Who knows, man. I could possibly have lost out on my soulmate and be swiping endlessly on Tinder instead of writing this article.

Short girl singapore

Image credit: @caramellechaos

With that said, love can and should transcend physical boundaries. So ladies, if you fancy a chap who’s shorter than you, go for it. Likewise, guys, if you’ve got your eye on a taller woman, don’t let your ego get in the way. 


2. Messing up your entire NAPFA grade because of standing broad jump


Standing Broad Jump

Image credit: Catholic High

I took pride in getting Gold for all my National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) tests since Primary 4 and even challenged the boys to see who could do more sit-ups in a minute. Alas, that pristine streak ended in my JC years. All because of the wretched standing broad jump exercise.

The thing about the NAPFA test is that the base requirement to pass each component gets more demanding every year. Which makes sense, because a teenager should be able to run way faster than a 10-year-old. But...what is it about being able to jump further?

Standing Broad Jump

The mat of doom
Image credit: Javy Sports

Understandably, it takes certain leg muscle strength for you to jump far. But there has to be a limit somehow. If I remain the same height from the age of 12 all the way to 18, how could my jumping distance increase so significantly? For what it’s worth, I was already hitting a good 15cm more than my entire height with my little legs. Still, I only scraped a Bronze in JC2 despite acing the other components of the test.

Just curious: Has anyone here actually had to use their standing broad jump skills to get themselves across a ditch? ‘Cause I haven’t.


3. Being told to eat more at CNY reunion dinners even though you’re already bursting


Holey Moley Singapore

Attempting to tackle a giant 1-metre pizza at Holey Moley, a mini-golf bar at Clarke Quay

Asian families commonly show affection through food instead of hugs and kisses, and this comes at full force when everyone’s gathered during large family dinners. Especially during Chinese New Year.

“Eat some more, then you can grow taller” and “So little food? You’re so small, must eat more!” were things I constantly heard growing up. I appreciate the kind thought, but there’s really only so much my little stomach can contain. Just like how compact cars need smaller engines to run compared to large trucks, not much sustenance is required to fuel such a tiny body. Which is great, ‘cause I get to save money by not eating as much.

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