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Show fashion underwear brand Soon

The famous international underwear brand Victoria's Secret 2011 fashion show will be on stage with this year's November 29 grand debut, it is a luxury feast. For many of Victoria's Secret fans bring a different experience. This is also the brand to expand advertising efforts made by a large underwear show.


The definition of sexy glamorous Victoria's Secret has long been clear, the angel's natural curls of long hair, just as the waking has not yet been grooming or experiencing a perfect sex. Face naturally flirtatious, red frizzy face and foggy eyes like just kissing lips.

Victoria's Secret is under the banner of the Limited Brands Group, a well-known mid-range and high-end apparel manufacturer in the United States. Sexy is synonymous with Victoria's Secret. She is not only the nation's leader but also the lingerie in the world. She is elegant, passionate, Affect the "inner aesthetics" of the three billion women worldwide and at the same time give people an irresistible charm in perfumes, accessories and cosmetics. In the United States, more than 1,000 stores are selling supermodel endorsed Victoria's Secret sexy underwear.

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