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not lower. After which the system printef two refusals and I was handed back the panties. I spent o

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Victoria Secret returns Refund Policies

Victoria's Secret Returns and Refunds Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Victoria's Secret below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Victoria's Secret so others can benefit from what you learned.

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Victoria's Secret Return Policy

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Victoria's Secret is glad to issue a refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase. Those who return an item after this time period will receive a gift card for the store. Items shipped from the online store come with a return form that must be sent back with the item for processing. Not only can customers return items by mail, but they can also return them right to the store. It's quite simple. Customers just bring the items to a local store along with an invoice. Once the return is received and processed, the customer receives a credit. For further instructions about returning and exchanging items, customers can call (800) 888-1500. Unfortunately, shipping fees cannot be refunded. It may take up to 30 days to process all returns.

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21 Nov

Posted by Kaylaa479

on 11/21/18 at 10:02AM

I see a whole lot of people on here complains because their underwear rips up. DONT WASH THEM PEOPLE. Hand wash!! And hang dry!! I have seriously over 100 pairs of lace underwear all in great condition. Yes it takes more time but I never rip my lace!!!!

04 Nov

Posted by Anonymous

on 11/4/18 at 11:10AM

I was given a gift from my partner who bought from the Singapore airport while travelling.
We live in New Zealand so obviously we can not return the items he bought me back to this store.
They have not been used and the tags are still on so can you tell me what is your recommendation on how I can exchange these garments. I also have the receipt
They are three pairs of knickers.

Maree Booth

13 Aug

Posted by Smileykittycat123

on 8/13/18 at 7:53AM

I just made a recent online order and the receipt that came with it had a random name attached and an address in San Diego. I got all of my items but the wrong receipt. I reached out to them and all they can do is have me print a form and return by mail. This is so upsetting considering it was their mistake. I now have to buy a package & pay for shipping. Does anyone know any other way I could return without the receipt? Online it says "if you do not have your original invoice or conformation email" then I need to click a link blah blah. I do have my conformation email. Would this help me return without a receipt? I know they can look up your debit card but I used PayPal so that doesn't help my case.

04 Aug

Posted by Jasmine

on 8/4/18 at 12:36AM

To the manager harping about customers driving the prices up. Everything you stated is a lie. I used to work at victorias secret. Victoria's Secret drives the prices up by cutting up the returned merchandise and throwing it away. That way it keeps the prices high and ensures its not given to the thrift stores or homeless which would drive the price down. Petty right?
Also any merchandise returned VS writes off as a loss on their tax forms. They deduct it. So in reality victorias secret does not lose any money. You just don't wanna deal with customers. Its you, not the customers who are a problem.

26 May

Posted by Victoria'sCheapSecret

on 5/26/18 at 1:52PM

Received lace underwear from VS that shredded and tore before washing, as I was trying on, and others I delicate washed 1-2 times before shredding. In the end all 7 pairs are unwearable. I used to work in the Garment industry and know a lot about production. All of these ladies panties were produced with cheap lace that nobody quality control checked before using in production. The only concern here was not for the customer but to cut their costs. But I'm still not sure why they would put their name on it with such bad quality. I haven't purchased from this company in a long time. But used to in the past and they always had good quality... I never had a complaint. But as it stands I will never buy from this company again and I will also discourage others. Why buy this stuff just for a name tag when I can go to Ross and buy panties for two to three dollars that last me for quite some time and are usually just as cute.

27 Apr

Posted by Vs/pink

on 4/27/18 at 11:43PM

If you get a price adjustment on at item you have not received and end up not liking the item can you still return it.

07 Feb

Posted by E

on 2/7/18 at 7:27PM

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