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Exercising without any underwear, is it more healthy or not?, this is the answer

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News24xx.com - This was revealed by a woman who is a fitness fan, as quoted from Health.com. Initially, as in general, she wore underwear during sports. But as a freelance worker, she often traveled and at one time ran out of clean underwear, and forced her to exercise without any underwear. "I was surprised, I ended up liking it more than I thought" she said. Since then, she claimed she only exercise using leggings and tops, without underwear, caused she said it is more hygienic.

Now she is accustomed to exercising without underwear, except when she is menstruated. One of the advantages, according to this woman, is that it is avoided from itching and skin irritation in the intimate organs because of underwear material that is generally less comfortable. When sweating, the skin becomes moister.

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Another advantage is being able to store underwear to wear again after exercise in dry conditions, not soaked with sweat. Usually, she has to wait for hours before she gets home to change her underwear, which means increasing the risk of infection.

But that does not mean there is no risk. Quoted from shape.com, An obstetrician, Alyssa Dweck, M.D. in New York reminded that sweat tends to be smellier when we are not wearing underwear. Especially when sweating. "Sweat causes bacteria to grow on the surface of the skin in areas covered by hair, including the genital area and creates the smellier body odor" she explained.



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