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and I love the way the British celebrate the New Year's Day." Home sweet home Family still matters

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Young people all over the world have their special ways to celebrate New Year's Eve. Photo: VCG

Fireworks, family dinners, and parties with friends, are all typical ways to say goodbye to the past year and welcome a new one. Photo: VCG

Wiping the slate clean and starting fresh, the New Year gives everyone a new calendar to fill in. No longer holding on to what were lost and unfortunate failures, another chapter begins with ambition and hope. The New Year's Eve celebration is a tradition worldwide regardless of nationality.

Fireworks, family dinners, and parties with friends, are all typical ways to celebrate the holiday. Metropolitan reporters hit the city streets to find out interesting ways of how people in Beijing celebrate New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Green grapes and red underwear

Toasting to good fortune remains unchanged on New Year's Eve. No one will take the risk of poisoning his or her fate for the coming year by skipping traditions and praying for good luck.

Eating 12 green grapes one by one with every stroke of midnight on December 31 is one deep-rooted tradition in Spain. The 12 miraculous grapes symbolize the 12 lucky months ahead. There is a superstition that if you can eat all the grapes on time at each stroke of midnight, you will have a year of good luck and prosperity.

Feng Chunhui, a 29-year-old civil engineer, shared his unique experience when he was a student studying in Madrid. People flocked to the Puerta del Sol - the hottest attraction to have grapes during the New Year's countdown. All the Spanish are well dressed with 12 grapes in hand, waiting for that thrilling moment. The hotels nearby with good views to watch the great event were all fully booked one month in advance.

"The last 12 seconds in Spain are intense and quiet. Everyone is ambitious to swallow a grape on time after each clock strikes midnight," he said.

Like grapes, red underwear also insures your prosperity in the coming year.

As symbol of good luck and a key color during the New Year's celebration, red has been used for centuries to ward off disaster in the coming year. Wearing red is also a classic tradition of celebrating New Year's Eve worldwide, including Western countries like Spain, Italy and Mexico.

"We will wear red underwear on December 31 and keep wearing it on New Year's Day," said Stefania Guerra from Italy who has been living in China for 3 years. "It's also a great gift for my close friends," she said.

New Year's adventure

Some of interviewees said that the experience of starting a cross-cultural New Year's celebration opens a door to another world for them.

Chen Yifan, an exchange student studying at Capital Normal University spent his New Year's Day in America in 2016. Although he was away from his family in Los Angeles, the crazy atmosphere comforted his loneliness.

"There is no snow in Los Angeles, and the foam from the foam machines on the street spread to the sky to bring us a snowy wonderland on New Year's Eve," he said

During the parade, he met a Mexican woman in a Macy's Department Store and they shared the Mexican tradition of celebrating the New Year.

"They will throw a bucket of water out of the window, symbolizing throwing the old year out," he said.

Elisa Oetken, from Germany, once traveled to London during her New Year vacation. The vacation was a gift from her sister. It was her first vacation without her parents and the brand-new experience she enjoyed in London left her with a long-lasting impression.

"London has the best coffee shops and best vintage shops. We shopped in many second-hand stores which was quite a fresh experience for me especially during the New Year holiday," she said. "The lights and decorations on Oxford Street were stunning, and I love the way the British celebrate the New Year's Day."

Home sweet home

Family still matters on this special occasion. Reunion is one of the main reasons for the celebration.

"I always celebrate with my family," said Lucie Sopfova, a freshman studying at Zhejiang University.

Her friend Denisa Machova from Slovakia enjoys family time as well. "We usually wear a fancy dress and light some fireworks to celebrate the New Year," she said.

For those Chinese students who wander overseas, and suffer from homesickness, the feeling of home helps them get relief.

Tinson (pseudonym) and Suki (pseudonym) are two young lovers who have been studying in America for three years. They told Metropolitan that they prepared Haidilao hotpot for their local American friends on the last day of 2016 and showed them authentic Chinese hotpot rather than the American-Chinese fast food the locals were most familiar with.

"We prepared 60 pairs of chopsticks to teach the locals how to use them correctly," Suki said.


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