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By Srividya Palaparthi

Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Gasp! Sex toys!? Lingerie?! How blasphemous!!” Well, that no more seems to be the reaction of most youngsters, if not conventional adults regarding sex accessories today. What with numerous websites and portals cropping up which sell numerous products that could turn even the most pious at least a little curious. And now with the festive and the wedding season going steady, adult gifting could be an option that could intrigue and probably even impress the receiver. Of course, when gifting something so explosive, be sure that the receiver finds it appropriate.

What is it
Let’s begin with what adult gifting consist of. Besides the regular fare like condoms and lubricants, the websites feature the sexy lingerie and also have a few costume-y ones for those who enjoy role-play. For those who like to get friskier, there are fluffy handcuffs, anal beads and leather harnesses as well. While these are just a few accessories for you to try out, they have pleasure kits which include packs of condoms, a few of the above mentioned accessories and erotic games as well. These would indeed be an interesting gift to newly weds off to their honeymoon.
Gifting? Really?
“I gifted my best friend a Kamasutra romance kit on her bachelorette party. It had a feather for tickling, various types and flavours of condoms, a set of dice, of which one has an action - like kiss, touch, rub, and the other has a body part,” chimes Swathi (name changed) who ordered the same from an adult e-commerce website.

Gifting newly weds these pleasure kits or an erotic game could invoke a chuckle and also act in spicing up a vanilla bedroom too. Ask Bharath Nandam, an entrepreneur from Hyderabad about his experience with adult gifting he says, “Gifting and receiving is supposed to be joyous and must be celebrated, particularly if it is between people who are on the same page. I gifted my best friend and his girlfriend a pair of erotic playing cards and they had a good laugh about it. I even gifted myself something once. The culture of adult gifting is still new and only a section of people know about how, where and what to buy. Adult gifting will definitely catch up to more buyers as new websites are coming up which not only sell products but also raise awareness about the safe use of the same.”
You won’t be the only one
If you suddenly have the urge to look up a few toys and even are curious t try them out, don’t think you are alone. A study by an adult gifting site called Thatspersonal.com states that since just June 2017, the sales on their website have gone up 57%.“Our top products such as the Fifty Shades collection still remain our highest selling product. The site has seen a hike in orders in the festive season. We have also had a 50% annual clearance sale on our website which has done well and contributed to the increase in hike for orders,” says Raj Armani, Co-Founder and COO, Imbesharam.com.

— Srividya Palaparthi


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