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TAIPEI, Taiwan--(Business Wire)--In the 50s, a name on underwear waistband meant the wearer will or had taken that particular pair to summer camp. However, in the 80s, it became common to stitch brand names on the outside of waistband. So, just picture this scenario in mind that when people of the 50s see the brand name on underwear waistband, they naturally assume it belongs to the wearer.

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Pure5.5 pH balancing underwear come in 7 collections with 31 vibrant colors, could be a novel way to introduce yourself without words and reveal more about your deep desires in the heart. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Basically, men had fewer fashion styles when compared to women. Then, the underwear waistband had to be the one and only headline in the fashion coverage. Meanwhile, the sagging was popularized and become a fad by skaters and hip-hop artists in the 1990s, you could see so many sagging guys just pop-up in the street at the same time.

Nowadays, this fashion of showing the underwear waistband started with girls for years already. Not so much to show the brand, but more to reveal their hips and underbelly a bit more. In other words to show-off self-confidence even women sex appeal.

Speaking of women sex appeal, wearing vibrant color underwear actually could be a novel, trick and cute boost. What color you’re wearing says more about your personality, emotion and deep desires in hearts. Furthermore, you could introduce yourself without words, just via the color of your underwear.

aPure Pure5.5 pH Balancing underwear come in 7 collections with 31 colors. You may pick different color depends on your mood, the occasion, or the outfit you’d like to match perfectly.

“Always wear pretty underwear, on account of you just never know.” women said with absolute certitude.

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