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Brand Shoot - Debriefed Underwear Well it's been another busy January so far and what better way to

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Brand Shoot - Debriefed Underwear


Well it's been another busy January so far and what better way to start out than with a new brand launch? It's become a theme since the studio opened here that we shoot a lot of underwear brands. 

We had lots of fun shooting the debut product and lifestyle images for a newly launched Online Men's Underwear Store, Debriefed Underwear. See how the shoot went on, along with some "behind the scenes" images the guys got of me shooting!

Product Photography - Debriefed Underwear

Product photography is always an important part of online stores. It's the platform to the rest of the world, showing the products in the window. So it's important to listen to the brief given (excuse the puns throughout the blog)! 

A range of crisp, clear images with a little shadow on the body were asked for. So that what we have.




Who are Debriefed Underwear?


Debriefed Underwear are a fun team of people who have a long standing working relationship in the underwear industry.

From the initial design and manufacturing through to Retail and Distribution, these guys are really switched on. So they really do deserve all the luck we can wish them. 

Their slogan "Everybody deserves great underwear, so we stock great underwear for EVERY BODY" really seems to carry strongly through their work ethic. They have encouraged men of all body types to get involved with their photo shoots. Not just the usual suspects with ripped bodies and gym bunnies.

Lifestyle Underwear Images

We love getting excited about Lifestyle photography here at the studio. It's always an excuse to paint walls and to build sets for the day. While I'm told Debriefed are working on their mood board for their next shoot with us, just look at the stunning collection and range of images we got from the day. If you're hungry to see more though, along with their great selection of Men's Underwear to fit any budget... Head over to their page to check out more.

Looking to Book a Shoot?

If like Debriefed Underwear, you're looking to shoot some product and or lifestyle images for your website, catalogue or product literature, why not consider Infinitus Studios?

Feel free to contact us here at the studio on 01484 599100, or else online at our contact page. We'd love to hear from you.


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