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and she did so out of fear

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Gainesville Police arrested a man Tuesday for allegedly raping a woman in May.

On May 16, Patrick Wilber called the victim while she was at a local department store, waiting for her car to be serviced at a dealership, according to the report. Wilber, 53, asked where she was and showed up at the department store shortly after.



Courtesy of Alachua County Jail.

According to the GPD report, Wilber and the victim were friends and have known each other since October 2017.

After shopping, the victim got into Wilber’s car to get a ride back to the dealership. Instead, Wilber allegedly talked her into getting lunch.

On the way to the restaurant, he told her he needed to stop somewhere on Northwest 34th Way to do some quick contract work for the owner of the residence, according to the report.

Wilber gave the victim a tour of the home. While inside one of the bedrooms, he allegedly grabbed the victim’s hand from behind and put it on his penis over his clothing.

He then attempted to kiss her while she repeatedly said, “No, I don’t want to do that,” according to the report.

Wilber told the victim to sit on a bed, and she did so out of fear, according to the report. Wilber reportedly pulled her pants and underwear off and performed oral sex on her without her consent.

The victim repeatedly told him to stop and said, “Don’t even do that.”

The victim said she froze. According to the report, she said “I don’t want this,” “Stop it,” “Please stop” and “Don’t do this,” but he would not stop.

Wilber then allegedly began raping the victim. During the assault, he reportedly attempted to bite her face and slapped her leg three times, leaving a bruise.

Video surveillance from the department store showed the victim and Wilber together about an hour before the alleged sexual battery happened.

An officer contacted and arrested Wilber for sexual battery Tuesday. Wilber stated he would not say anything without his attorney present.

According to Alachua County Jail, Wilber was released on his own recognizance Wednesday. 

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