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Crooks said. Saunders then interjected saying: Honestly

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A man who is now before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for the third time with his former lover, claims that he was defending himself after she hit him in his face with dirty underwear and hurled several “missiles” at him after chasing him down.

The woman, however, claimed her former lover has refused to accept that they are no longer together, although they still share a residence. She said that he has been taking pictures of her in her sleep and “feeling her up”.

The former lovers — Rossetta Saunders and Vincent Henry — appeared in court on Friday on charges of malicious destruction of property and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Saunders is accused of smashing Henry's car windshield while he is accused of hitting her with a piece of metal.

“Him tek off the door and me caa have no privacy. Him come inna me room at night a tek picture a mi, him inna me phone, and mi feel him a feel me up inna me sleep,” Saunders told the court.

“We not in no relationship,” she added.

When asked to answer the allegations pertaining to the destruction of Henry's windshield, Saunders said: “I am not going to say I am guilty and I am not going to say I am not guilty.

“After him cut me, me fling a stone after him and the stone miss and hit the car,” she further stated.

“You watch too much TV ... that's not how it works. You have to say if you are guilty or not,” Crooks told her.

But Henry told the court that Saunders was not being honest.

“I don't' know what wrong with her; she not telling the truth,” he said.

According to him, the house is in a state of disrepair and he had taken off the door and bought a new one and she was supposed to buy the door jamb.

“I tell her to buy the jamb but he mother tell her say she is not to spend any more money on the house,” Henry claimed.

The judge, however, told them that they had a bigger problem than the court case, as this was their third trip to court even though he had helped them to resolve the first case.

Henry then explained why he had assaulted Saunders.

“Miss Saunders slap me with her small clothes in the head and I took up a pan of water and duck Ms Saunders and ran. But she hurl a glass bottle afta mi that neva ketch mi and then she hurl a stone and it hit me in my groin; and then she took up a beer bottle and mi fling something after her to prevent her from throwing the bottle at me,” he said.

“I was running away and Ms Saunders was hurling everything she could find at me,” Henry added.

But the judge warned him that he was walking a “very thin line” as he was at risk of having his bail revoked because he had another matter in the night court with his ex-lover as the complainant.

He also warned both of them to consider their 12-year-old child and stop the animosity, as things could end badly.

“I am warning you both — this is the third time and the next time I might hear about you on the news,” Crooks said.

Saunders then interjected saying: “Honestly, I just need this man to realise that there is no relationship between us.”

But the judge told her that she was not serious, as she had taken steps to secure a protection order against Henry but did not attend the court hearing.

“If it was not for the 12-year-old child I would remand both of you,” he told them before advising one of them to find a new place of abode.

Henry then told the judge that he was willing to move and had a friend with whom he could reside.

The judge then attached conditions to both their bail bonds for them to report to the Rollington Town Police Station one per week. Additionally, Henry was told not to return to the house which they shared or to contact Saunders.

Both their bail bonds were then extended for them to return to court for trial on May 29.


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