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2018 My take away: Blake Bortles 2 Stat Padford 0 Rob Parker (@RobParkerFS1) January 14

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Welcome to another edition of This Week In Hot Takes, this time breaking down all the hottest sports media takes from Jan. 12-18.

5. Rob Parker says the Lakers should trade Lonzo Ball to attract LeBron: If you’re Rob Parker, and you somehow still appear on television in 2017, you drop hot takes. It’s what you do. The latest? Parker argues that the Los Angeles Lakers should get rid of promising rookie Lonzo Ball, the second-overall pick in last year’s NBA draft who’s averaging 10 points, seven assists and seven rebounds this year. And why should they do that? Not only so they don’t have to worry about father LaVar Ball’s comments, but so they can sign LeBron James in free agency.

The good part starts at 1:00: “Magic Johnson should consider trading Lonzo Ball. He should! I would trade him for this reason. Take a look, if LaVar is this out of control and saying the things that he’s saying when his kid’s not even playing all that great, he will be uncontrollable, unstoppable once Lonzo gets even better. It’s going to hamper the Lakers being able to attract people who want to come play for the Lakers and be in this situation. We talk about LeBron James and how sensitive he is, we talked about it with Charles Barkley, right? So now you think he’s going to come, his last three years in the NBA, he’s going to come to LA and have to deal with the circus and the nonsense that is LaVar Ball? I don’t buy it. I don’t think anybody who’s trying to win will want to be involved in this situation with the Lakers and with the sideshow that is LaVar Ball.”

There’s certainly an argument out there that LaVar’s comments about head coach Luke Walton aren’t great for the Lakers, but Parker is taking a thread and sewing a sweater on it here. First off, proposing trades because you think they might make a free agent who literally every team would love to have choose your team is quite risky, and beyond that, any free agency decision (especially from an older player in win-now mode) is likely more about a team’s talent than about who one player’s father is. And trading Lonzo Ball at this point is unlikely to bring a return that makes the Lakers better. Moreover, there’s a case that Lonzo could be a great point guard to pair with LeBron given his pass-first mentality, a substantial departure from the LeBron-Kyrie Irving conflicts. But regardless of that, it feels ridiculous to suggest trading a second-overall pick having an impressive rookie season because an in-demand pending free agent from another team may not like the rookie’s father. Oh, and over in the NFL, Parker gets a bonus point for using the Vikings’ miracle win and the Jaguars’ victory over the Steelers to take shots at Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matt Stafford.

Take away:

Case Keenum – 1
Stat Padford – 0

— Rob Parker (@RobParkerFS1) January 15, 2018

My take away:

Blake Bortles – 2
Stat Padford – 0

— Rob Parker (@RobParkerFS1) January 14, 2018

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