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after all theres not much question about what theyre selling

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Stylish boutiques are usually a woman's domain. Not that men, shouldn't have them, they just don't in most places.

The News on 6's Rick Wells says, now men have one, an underwear boutique. Women have Victoria's Secret, men have Underguy. Nate McPherson: "It's a great day at Underguy, this is Nate may I help you?" Underguy, it’s probably Tulsa's first exclusively men underwear store.

If you're looking for those three in a package Fruit of the Looms you're not gonna find them here. Nate: "We have a Canadian brand a Columbian brand and two California brands." He started it as an online business, was successful enough. This retail store was the next logical step.

Wells: "Are you worried that this is just too hip?” Nate: "No not at all, not one bit." They get some business from the downtown clubs and lots of drive-by customers, after all there's not much question about what they're selling, and it's not just for young guys either. Nate: "It is everybody." Wells: "People my age?" Nate: "People your age are buying a lot."

They're open from 11 to 7 Monday thru Thursday and open late Friday and Saturday night. No I mean really late, 3 AM. Nate: "Why not, why not go shopping." Never thought of that.

Pick up a little something on the way home, and what are folks picking up. Among other things, a padded brief. It's sort of like a wonder bra, but it's a wonder brief for boys.

You can find Underguy downtown at 3rd and Lansing.


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