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Storecasting: French Underwear Brand To Sex Up Nolita

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Some sort of strange French underwear/lingerie brand is opening in the former Jack Gomme space at 252 Elizabeth Street between Houston and Prince Streets in Nolita. The ad, pictured here, reads "Pull-In Underwear." The Pull-In website doesn't yield much info about the company. Scrolling through, we see colorful, slightly ridiculous boxers, bras and leggings. The brand also has a techno-playing MySpace Page written in French.

Un nouveau concept arrive...une nouvelle energie....une nouvelle conception du haut de gamme dans le corewear... La division textile de Pull-in /// P-i costume bientôt, dans les concepts stores Pull-in. Though we're not fluent, we think we get the drift. Viva la odd underwear boutique.
· Pull-In Underwear [Official Site]


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