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Here's The Victoria's Secret 2016 Gallery You've Been Waiting For

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Victoria Secret Here 2016 Gallery

Here's The Victoria's Secret 2016 Gallery You've Been Waiting For

"And has given me fantastic advice, and I think she is such a handsome person that is just set on spreading love everywhere she goes".

When the wings are away, the Angels will play!

Lady Gaga gave a rousing performance of "Million Reasons", kissing Hadid's mother, reality TV star Yolanda Hadid, in her front row seat as she ended her performance.

And the 21-year-old model is glad to have the likes of Gigi and Bella Hadid beside her and likened travelling to Paris with her fellow models as being on a "big school field trip".

Jenner's first look, a black-and-white ensemble consisting of a strapless lace bra, matching barely-there panties and black feathered angel wings, undoubtedly turned heads. Bella made her debut as a 201611/302834.html">Victoria's 201611/292672.html">Secret model, following in the footsteps of her sister who made her debut in 2015.

ET also spoke with model Gigi Hadid before the show, who couldn't help but gush about the "Joanne" singer.

Gigi posted a Snap of her own meal, showing the large burger along with two sauces.

Taking to her Instagram account after the show, she uploaded a photograph of her and Adriana in their skimpy lingerie sets alongside the caption: "Words can't describe this woman's powerful heart and spirit". We don't know how she manages to dance and walk in these outfits but she sure looks good when she does!

She reportedly auditioned for the show but it's rumoured bosses decided they didn't want veteran models and fancied filling the catwalk with fresh blood.

Fowler is the first New Zealand-born model to ever grace the coveted Victoria's Secret catwalk and celebrated the occasion on Instagram, exclaiming she was "living a dream". The colorful event is now the center of attraction in Paris.

There's so much going on this year at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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"I can't tell you how scary it is walking into that room, it is so scary".


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