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Victoria’s Secret Show: Bella Hadid is Preparing to Smile on Cue

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Bella Hadid as expressed herself to be excited for her debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Victoria’s Secret officially congratulated Bella on her selection for the show on their official Instagram and even showcased a brief clip of her walk and her reaction in which she was all smiles. 

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In a recent interview with People mgazine during her fitting though, she admitted that she is not great at smiling on cue. The 20 years old model has walked some great brands such as Versace, DKNY and Ralph Lauren but she said that this experience is different.

She explained that in other fashion shows, you are required to walk which comes pretty naturally as an everyday thing. The focus in these shows are usually the clothes and that is what the models are showcasing in fashion shows. 

Anyone who has ever watched a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would know that it is just not about the clothes. The models in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show not only model their lingerie but also their personality and make the show light up with their candid enthusiasm on the ramp. It’s usually huge smiles, winks, poses, flying kisses, side looks and even dancing at some occasion. 

Suffice to say, it would be Bella’s debut for these antics as well. She says that she is practicing by placing a large mirror in front of her roommate's door in their apartment so she has more room to walk and practice.

She joked about the situation that, "It's perfect for me, but she can't really get out of her room" Bella can definitely pick some tips from her colleagues as well as her sister Gigi Hadid who will be walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the second time this year. 


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