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Briefs Council Baytown

Property rezoned for new animal shelter

To make way for the new animal shelter, Baytown council has approved rezoning about 4.6 acres of land on Lanier Drive. 

The property was rezoned from open space/recreation to general commercial. The current shelter on Highway 146 is being rebuilt. The remainder of the property was not included in the rezoning because it within the Goose Creek Floodway or is considered a part of the city’s trail system that connects to Emmett Hutto Boulevard. 

Grant applications OK’d for protective equipment 

The city will apply for two grants to assist fire and police personnel to receive personal protective equipment for fire and police personnel to protect them against COVID-19.   

One grant application will go to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program Solicitation. The program provides $63,737 in funds for PPE for front-line first responders, including N95 respirators, face shields, masks, gloves, and decontamination equipment. 

Another grant application is for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant -COVID-19 Supplemental Program. City Manager Rick Davis will submit an application to FEMA for $130,167 to purchase PPE and supplies for first responderss.  

FEMA requires a 15% local cost share. If awarded, the Baytown Fire Department will use their existing medical supply budget for the 15% or $19,600 local cash match. The projected period of performance will be 12 months from May 30 or the date of the award, whichever is later.


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