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Necessity is the mother of invention

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“Necessity is the mother of invention.”  All of us have heard this quote by an unknown author, and most of us agree that it is very true.  However, we are learning the veracity of this statement in the last few weeks. Being cut off from our friends and loved ones has spawned some clever ways of still reaching out to them. We have also adapted in other ways to our constricted conditions.

Drive-bys have taken on a whole new meaning.  Visiting someone by car seems to be a popular choice for connecting with them. I know people that did it for their grandchildren at Easter and to celebrate birthdays.  My niece said her child’s class did that for his first-grade teacher.  

If you see my husband, don’t say anything about his haircut.  We got the hair clippers out of storage and I got after his hair and eyebrows.  He just looks a little moth-eaten.  As for me, I am going to let my hair get long or either try that DIY cut called chop your mop.

I have been seeing different ways to make masks.  If worse came to worst, I guess you could just put your underwear over your head with the leg holes for your eyes. Thong panties may not work.  For men, it would have to be tightie-whities. Hah!

Younger couples are gaining insight on what retirement will be like.  Now many will probably rethink it and decide to work a while longer than they thought.  They are learning what being together 24/7 really means.

Recently, I met with a friend and they gave me a foot bump.  That is stretching out your leg and touching toes.  At least it is human contact and still keeps you the correct distance apart.   I’ll take it whatever way I can get it.

It is funny isn’t it, that there are all these projects that we have said if we just had time, we would get done.  And now that we have the chance to do them, we don’t want to.  When we could go sit down in a restaurant, we just got the food to go.  Now, when we have to get it to go, we want to go in and sit down.  Aren’t people funny animals?

We just have to laugh at ourselves to keep from getting down in the dumps.  Someone clever said pandemic was the word panic with “dem” in the middle.

Find ways to make the most of the situation.  Reach out to friends by calling, texting, leaving homemade cookies on their doorstop, or sending a pretty card to say you miss them.  

In a movie recently, I heard it said, “You don’t drown because you get thrown in the river, you drown when you stay submerged.” We have been tossed into a river of change and uncertainty.  Rise to the top and find ways to keep paddling until we are back on solid ground.    


A former longtime Baytown resident, Ginger Stripling now lives in Mont Belvieu. Contact her at viewpoints@baytownsun.com, Attention: Ginger Stripling.


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