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Lee College vice president of finance and administration

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Briefs College

Regents OK buying 600 computers

• Lee College regents approved the purchase of 600 new computers for loan to students who lack the devices needed to take online classes. The purchase for $183,000 was approved by the board.

College spokeswoman Amanda Smoke said devices are loaned to students whose need is identified by an academic adviser, counselor, instructor or through the Lee Cares program and made available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students can borrow the devices for as long as they are enrolled in the college.

More online classes for fall

• In the midst of continued uncertainty about the course the COVID-19 pandemic will take, Lee College president Lynda Villanueva told regents that she is now expected about half of the fall semester classes to be offered online. 

A quarter of the classes are expected to be a hybrid of online and face-to-face and a quarter of the classes will be traditional face-to-face instruction. However, she said faculty members have been told to be prepared to return to all-online instruction if necessary.

Cost-cutting measures enacted

• Annette Ferguson, Lee College vice president of finance and administration, told regents that the college is meeting its target of having three months of operating cash in reserve, but is expecting revenue to decline in the summer session. She said all travel was canceled in the last half of the spring semester, which helped keep expenses down.

The college is also putting a hold on some purchases and considering the need to fill vacant positions to conserve resources in light of continuing uncertainty.


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