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which is another story.     #p#分页标题#e# It was under Professor Green’s administration the attendance

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Before becoming a guest writer for The Baytown Sun, I provided information to former managing editor Wanda Orton in 2011 regarding Professor Edward Franklin “E. F.” Green and a few others in hope she would run several articles about these individuals during Black History Month. One particular article of hers that got my attention was, “Green set high standards for faculty, students”. This particular column ran Sunday, February 27, 2011. If you haven’t already read it, I encourage you to log into The Baytown Sun website, and read this article. Last year I decided to do a more diligent research on this longtime educator. After completing my research, I felt compelled to write an article myself that would give the general public and former Baytown George Washington Carver High School alumni a true perspective of Professor Green, the former principal of Carver High School as well as several other high schools. He was a longtime educator, administrator, deputy superintendent and college professor.  

Goose Creek CISD is seeking community input for the naming of Junior School #6. After hearing about this, my first thought was, I need to get this out to the general public and we definitely need to submit the name of Professor Edward Franklin “E. F.” Green to have this new junior school named after him.  

Because of what this gentleman accomplished as a longtime educator/administrator, not only for the City of Baytown and Goose Creek CISD, but other high schools throughout the state of Texas, including a high school in Kansas City, Missouri, this very intelligent, highly educated, highly qualified, highly respected and extremely well known man truly deserves to have a school named after him. 

Being a local historian and someone who closely watched this former dedicated educator for many years, I personally don’t know of any other former Baytown educator/administrator that comes close to having the credentials and outstanding accomplishments of Professor Green, who was a principal before integration. Believe me, there were many obstacles he had to deal with before integration that should have hindered his progress. However, he was determined and always found a way to get things done for the betterment of his schools, teachers, coaches, athletes, students and the Baytown black community. 

Edward Franklin “E. F.” Green was born to the late Robert and Lena Tillis Green on July 20, 1907 in Palestine, Texas. According to his life epitome in his funeral program, he graduated from E. M. Story High School in Palestine. Others have written he graduated with top honors from Lincoln High School in Palestine in 1924 at the age of 17. He earned a Bachelor degree from Wiley College in Marshall, Texas in 1928 and Masters degree from Prairie View A & M College of Texas in 1949. Further graduate studies were done at Chicago University; Harvard University; Iowa State University; University of Texas; University of Southern California and University of Houston.     

Professor Green was a well-educated man who took a lot of pride in doing his job and running his schools the way high schools should be run, could be run or had to be run during that period of time before integration. He made it well known that he was the man in charge of running Baytown George Washington Carver High School. He made a point to recruit and retain the best coaches, teachers, staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and janitorial service workers for his school and made sure they all observed the schools rules and regulations. 

He also expected the best out of the students who attended Carver. As a student, you were expected to obey the schools rules and regulations, and he made sure everyone did. 

“Eddie Frank” as he was often called by his close friends and other adults, (not his students who knew better), he was a slight man in stature, but he was 10 feet tall when it came to integrity, character and leadership ability. Again, he was a strong willed man that always did what was best for his school, its teachers, coaches, staff and students. He didn’t have any problem letting anyone know who was in charge. 

Professor Green came to Baytown in August 1954 to serve as the fourth principal of the George Washington Carver High School. He served as the principal until August 1966, just before the Goose Creek CISD closed Carver as a high school in May 1967. 

In 1966 he became the first black assistant deputy superintendent in the school district and was in charge of curriculum. He retired in 1976 with 48 years of service as an educator. He was the Assistant in Research and Development, former Project Director and the Harris County Senior Citizen Nutrition and Activity Program Director. He also served as Administrative Assistant to Harris County Commissioner Jim Fonteno – Precinct Two for 10 years (1976-1986). He retired again in 1986. The Goose Creek School Board named the E. F. Green Instructional Support Center on Baker Road in his honor, which is another story.   

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