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The importance of dressing for work when working from home

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There's probably some kind of diagram for the stages you go through when dressing to work from home for the first time. A good chunk would be the sheer novelty of wearing your pyjamas all day if you fancy it, maybe putting on a business shirt for a Zoom call. Pants optional. Then there's the sliver of descent into slovenliness - Did I shower today? Who am I? 

Then finally, the segment when you realise that getting properly dressed for work might just help with your productivity. 

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In the strange times we've found ourselves, social distancing at home as the world faces a global pandemic with COVID-19, this strange diagram (dimension?) is where many of us have found ourselves when it comes to getting dressed when we have nowhere to be.

Keep it cool at home with M.J. Bale.

Keep it cool at home with M.J. Bale. Photo: Supplied

Jonathan Lobban, head of brand at M.J. Bale, believes getting dressed for the office, even if you're not setting foot in it, is essential.

"Dressing, no matter your tribe, has, and always will be, a form of dignity and self-expression, balanced by function. Yes, working from home obviously calls for more comfort. But you don't want to feel like a recluse. We say get as well-dressed as you can during normal working hours to give yourself a little psychological boost and maintain a semblance of routine," he says.

His advice? Opt for a merino wool knit worn over a casual shirt with jeans or chinos for a business as unusual uniform.

Oh and, "wearing a jacket, shirt, tie and underwear for work Facetime calls, a la Robert De Niro in Casino, should be done at least once to maintain your sense of humour."

Chris Wilson, David Jones general manager for menswear, childrenswear & home, says he is trying to keep to his regular routine as much as possible.

"I am still waking up and getting ready for work as if I was going to the office and putting on a shirt or polo and jeans or chinos as I still have lots of video calls internally and externally and want to look smart," he says.


Staying well-groomed, he says, is super important "as you are representing your brand/business."

As for what to wear, he suggests opting for pieces that are comfortable but still cool and workplace acceptable.

A tailored linen shirt is foolproof, he says, and he's also wearing a lot of pieces from the Italian brand Eleventy because the soft tailoring lends itself to the days when you only need to commute from the Aeropress in the kitchen to your home office. 

bassike is the go-to for comfortable but stylish pieces.

bassike is the go-to for comfortable but stylish pieces.  

Combining comfort with style savvy is a thought echoed by Chris Vogelpoel, menswear design manager at Country Road too.

"Mostly it's all about pieces that will allow you to feel comfortable at home while maintaining a level of sophistication," he says, adding that Country Road's Heritage Sweats, Textured Knits and chinos are perfect for this way of dressing. If you need to look a bit smarter for a Skype call with your boss you could throw on one of the brand's Tweed blazers and be good to go. 

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