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Lehigh Valley 2 men tied to Bethlehem murder case plead guilty


Posted: May 11, 2018 02:13 PM EDT

Updated: May 11, 2018 11:08 PM EDT

2 men tied to Bethlehem murder case plead guilty

James Heimbach and Charles Yocum_41534216


James Heimbach, left, and Charles Yocum  []

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James Heimbach and Charles Yocum_41534216

VIDEO: 2 men tied to Bethlehem murder case plead guilty

NORTHAMPTON, Pa. - Two men tied to a bizarre Bethlehem murder that Northampton County police first said was fueled by the zombie drug "Flaka" pleaded guilty Friday.

Charles Yocum and James Heimbach were facing charges of murder for the killing of 28-year-old Joseph Goda in 2016.

Sentencing is scheduled for July.

Authorities said it was believed Goda was beaten to death at Heimbach's Bethlehem home in 2016, and his body was found rolled in carpet in the trunk of a car in the Poconos days later. The car had ties to Yocum.

Investigators said there were bite marks on Goda's face and arms.

Officials said Heimbach was picked up by police in the Poconos after he was discovered in traffic wearing only his underwear. He was later taken to the hospital and indicated he did not remember what happened between the time he escaped Goda and interacted with police. 

Yocum allegedly told police he witnessed Heimbach hit Goda over the head with a weapon and that together, they planned to dump the body in New Jersey.  

Investigators originally said the killing happened after the friends took "Flaka," a drug often compared to bath salts. 

But at the 2017 hearing, investigators didn't mention "Flaka", only cocaine and marijuana found at the crime scene. 

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