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Reasons for Male and Female Infertility

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Infertility - Health & Wellbeing

Infertility seems to be major cause of worry for many couples, even after spending several years of married life together, there might be several reasons due to which couple will not have children or will lack childbearing abilities. The following might be the major or rather certain scenarios due to which a couple may face such a problem, Specialist doctors in this area say that majority of cases can be treated, hence its necessary to have undergone all the necessary tests for a proper diagnosis and treatment there after.

In a couple the problems can be with either male of the female counterpart or even in some cases for both male and female, hence proper diagnosis is essential before getting into a conclusion.

There can be several reasons that can lead to infertility; some of the common reasons for male infertility include the following reasons:

* Disorder in the production of sperms
* Inadequate number of sperms
* Poor motility or mobility
* Variations in shapes of sperm (presence of large number of abnormally shaped sperms)
* Infection in prostrate gland or a block in the urinary tract
* Infection or blocks in testis and epididymis
* Presence of abnormal veins over the testicles known as varicocele
* Inability of the man to ejaculate into the vagina

Some of the other reasons that can cause infertility in males include excessive smoking, excessive intake of intoxicants, mumps, injury to testis, urinary disorders, pain during ejaculation, use of tight underwear, bathing in very hot water, sexually transmitted diseases, stress related professions and etc.

In condition is called varicocele, the blood vessels that carry impure blood from testis may get blocked resulting in the accumulation of impure blood. This causes increase in testicular temperature and consequently sperm production decreases, According to specialist Varicoceles are found in about 5% of general male population and in about 25% infertile males.

However, this condition can be corrected with a very simple microsurgery and it improves the semen profile, provided the varicocele is of significant grade and this can be detected with the help of a scan.

The common reasons for female infertility include the following conditions.

* Anovulation: is a condition where ovulation does not occur at all, and specialists say that anovluation accounts for around 25 % - 30% of causes for infertility cases.

* Infection in the cervical canal: In this case sperms are killed at the very entrance of the canal.

* Peritoneal factor or Endometriosis: or a condition, where tissue a inside the uterus invades and damages the neighboring reproductive organs like tube, ovary, and peritoneum. Endometriosis is said to accounts for 40% of causes of female infertility.

* Adenomyosis and Fibroids: These are benign tumors that develop in the body of the uterus. This accounts for 5% -10% of causes for infertility in women.

* Pelvic adhesions : These may impair tubo-ovarian relations.

* Immunotherapy in recurrent abortion & In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) : is a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb.

* Full or partial block in the fallopian tube is yet another condition that accounts for around 10% -15% of causes for infertility.

There are advanced medical centers and equipment for diagnosis and therapy of infertility. These state of the art centers with sophisticated devices are instrumental in making diagnostic and therapeutic procedures safer, faster and more precise. Thereby enabling couples realize their dream of having a child in their own genesis.

Such advanced medical centers have advanced equipments that helps witness the activities of foetus inside the womb that provides high quality 3D and real time 4D images instantly that allows identification of fetal anomalies, abnormalities and even corrective measures are taken in certain cases.

Thanks to research and development in this area, that has given hope to many and spread smiles and happiness in several lives, especially for those who otherwise felt that they didn't had a reason to live.


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