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Crime Briefs for Feb. 9

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Briefs Crime Feb.

Auto Burglary at South Lot

On Jan. 30, an officer was dispatched to South Lot in reference to a potential auto burglary, according to a UNMPD report. An unknown caller reported that he noticed an individual break a window on a white Dodge truck, enter the vehicle and leave in a gray Toyota Corolla. Officers discovered the license plate the caller reported belonged to a different vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer observed the white truck’s right rear window was broken. The suspect apparently used a screwdriver to pry the edges of the window open, resulting in the window falling inside the vehicle. It appeared that the vehicle was rummaged through.

UNM Dispatch was able to contact the vehicle’s driver, a UNM student who said her boyfriend was the owner. When her boyfriend arrived on scene, he confirmed the truck was his, although it was registered under his father’s name. The female student said she left her Coach purse containing credit cards in the front seat under a McDonald’s bag, but it was no longer there. The couple said nothing else appeared to be stolen. The officer could not identify evidence for processing, and no witnesses or suspects were found.

Later that day, the truck owner contacted the officer again, stating he found a screwdriver in the back seat that was not his. He said he also noticed the owner’s manual was gone. The case is closed and pending further leads.

Criminal Damage to Property at Lobo Village

On Feb. 2, a UNMPD officer was dispatched to Lobo Village due to a disturbance, according to a report. When the officer arrived on scene, a manager said she received an email from a resident, stating that she and her roommate engaged in an intense argument concerning the common room temperature and a space heater. In the email, the resident said she felt her roommate was becoming angry; thus, she decided to enter her own room and close the door. At this point, the other resident’s boyfriend, who was present at the time of the argument, began yelling. Either he or his girlfriend kicked the door, creating a hole, according to the other student.

When the manager received the email, she believed the argument was still happening and called police. Upon arrival, officers noticed the individuals who were said to be outside of the bedroom were no longer in the apartment. Officers were asked to remove several pieces of drug paraphernalia in plain sight in the common room as well as in the subjects’ rooms. All drug paraphernalia was tagged for destruction. The manager said she will attempt to relocate the resident who sent the email to avoid future confrontations.

Emergency Mental Health Evaluation and Care at UNM Mental Health Center

On the evening of Feb. 1, three officers were sent to the UNM Mental Health Center (MHC) in reference to a mother asking police for assistance in taking her son into the MHC for an evaluation, according to a report. When officers arrived on scene, the mother said her son’s behavior was abnormal, and he was refusing to enter the facility. He was sitting inside his mother’s truck with the doors closed, refusing to speak with police. He locked the doors when officers tried to open them.

Eventually, officers opened one of the doors and spoke with him. Although the male was speaking, he was often incoherent and hostile. It appeared that he was a threat to himself and potentially others, including his mother. Although officers were able to help him exit the vehicle and walk toward the MHC, he stopped near the east entrance, yelling and behaving aggressively. He was handcuffed for safety, and MHC staff assisted police officers in admitting him into the facility.

-Compiled by Elizabeth Sanchez


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