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Women wearing men's underwear is now cool

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There are some trends you look back on fondly and wish they'd return. And some trends so cringeworthy, it's hard to imagine why they were ever popular. G-strings are the latter. They came onto the scene when I was at uni and swept away full briefs like a devastating tsunami. I spent years espousing how awesome G-strings were because you didn't get a VPL (visible panty line) and wasn't that more important than the reality of having a sliver of fabric through your butt crack.

Thankfully, it seems the underwear pendulum has swung completely the other way because now, the coolest thing to come between you and your Calvins is men's underwear. And I don't mean that in a weird, sexual-fetish kind of way.

Celebrate, ladies ... the uncomfortable g-string may be a thing of the past.

Celebrate, ladies ... the uncomfortable g-string may be a thing of the past. 

Not content with just a full woman's brief, all the beautiful people are sporting their boyfriends' shorts. At department store Marks & Spencer, the barometer of underwear in the UK, women are now buying more men's underwear than men, and while it can't be confirmed how many girls are buying for their guys, they do know that a particular line of boxers by male supermodel David Gandy, for M&S, is walking out the door. And ending up on women.

"[David Gandy] did design his collection very much with women in mind," says an M&S spokesperson.

Wearing your man's Y-fronts has always been a cool-girl thing to do. It says you're not so hung up on your beauty that you always need to show it off in lacy nothings day after day. The truly stylish will offset feminine fashion with androgynous clothing and still have faith they'll be sexy in it. I know this because my friend Lisa* is one of those awesomely too-cool-for-school girls who wore Doc Martens years before they came back in fashion, and mixes her lace bras with loose boxers just because she can.

"They're just more comfortable," Lisa tells me, and then adds quite poetically, "the best style comes when you're comfortably confident."


So where does that leave us? On the verge of an undie apocalypse that could see the end of gender specific underwear.

As if to prove my point (conveniently), Swedish fashion brand Acne has recently launched its own gender-neutral underwear range that is, essentially, granny pants that women have avoided for decades. Beige. Big. And not exactly pretty.

"It's underwear for real kids, not models," says Acne creative director Jonny Johannson, while chief executive Mikael Schiller goes one further by saying, "Our … conversation at Acne is that we don't want to be cute."

And underwear giant Calvin Klein has reissued its original short, with a social media push to hashtag #mycalvins, as though the nostalgia for boxers (and Marky Mark) was going to push us towards the cash register.

Myer general manager of intimate apparel Militsa Micalessi says  Australians have been ahead of the curve on men's-style undies for quite some time. "Eighty per cent of our Bonds underwear sales are hipster briefs in plain cotton," she says, "which are much like men's underwear. Only 2 per cent of our total underwear sales come from G-strings." 

I must admit, my anti-G-string stance has swayed me closer to the granny-pant side of things, and if fashion is dictating that the next step is into men's undies, it'd be rather hypocritical in my line of work, to say that I wasn't going to take it.


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Natalie Imbruglia, ambassador for Australian pearl company Kailis, has been travelling the country to promote the pearls and her new skincare line, Iluka. When we meet she's starving and orders sushi, which she eats while we chat. Friendly, and genuinely into her pearls, she wears two of the rings doubled up on one finger, "It's great right? Double whammy! It funks it up and works better with a casual look," (she's wearing a Balmain black blazer, Current/Elliott skinny jeans and pointy Prada pumps). And she's also very honest. "I didn't wear pearls before I saw Kailis jewellery because I didn't even know how to wear them," Imbruglia admits, "It's about the design. These are so modern. They've got a little black diamond inside the ring band which I love, I mean how decadent." She's been an ambassador for  Kailis for the past three years, and last year did a collaboration with it . "I co-designed, I'd love to do another one, speak to the GM! Tell him there's a demand for it!" Imbruglia believes that every woman should own something truly luxurious, like a piece of pearl jewellery, to feel decadent and special. The latest collection from Kailis features guilloche, an intricate technique famous for being used on Faberge eggs. Prices start from $6800.

Celebrity Favourite

Here's one to keep an eye on. While we swelter pre-summer, our northern-hemisphere friends are getting around in one thing: J Brand's Aiah leather biker jacket. No less than 10 celebrities have been spotted in the jacket since the beginning of the season, including Lily Allen, Elizabeth Banks, January Jones and Diane Kruger. It's available for $1539 in Oz, if you don't mind waiting to wear it.

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