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IF you ask Rallicia Lawrence what's the most important lesson she has learnt throughout her life, she will tell you that, 'No matter how many books you read, you will never be truly intelligent if you are not street smart'. And if you happen to talk to the affable young woman from the tough inner-city community of Parade Gardens for long enough, you will understand why she thinks so. While this university graduate has done her fair share of 'book learning', she will tell you that it's the skills that she picked up from the streets of Southside that she is using to create her own paradise.

“After graduating from The Queen's School, I supported myself through a first degree at The University of the West Indies with my online-based store,” she shared with All Woman. “But after graduating with a bachelor of science in management studies — marketing and human resource, I couldn't get a job in that area.”

With financial obligations looming overhead, the product of a single-mother-headed household decided to reach for lower hanging fruit until she could secure better for herself. She started working at a call centre in the Corporate Area to help make ends meet.

“Despite the success of Chan's Couture that put me through school, I felt the need to exploit the underserved lingerie market and I started to focus on my new venture, Panty Paradise in 2015 while employed at a Kingston-based business processes outsourcing (BPO) centre,” she reflected. “I found that the lingerie market was an underserved niche sector of the clothing market, so I decided to target it.”

In the five years since her new start-up, Lawrence has not only managed to grow her client,uderwearuderwear

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