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Digitalization has taken us to a new era of careers, from social media influencers to TikTok specialists.

But online careers can be very dangerous, especially for younger teens and vulnerable to the manipulation of others. That's what happened to this Malaysian girl.

Malaysian Streamer Twitch, Varcuss, is accused of caring for underage girls, especially those who are interested in playing games, through his affiliation with online streaming sites.

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One of his 17-year-old victims from Hong Kong talked to worldofbuzz about how he was terrorized for months. Terror is also about sexual unreasonable from a streamer who he believes is a friend and mentor.

In accordance with the victim's friend, Jackson 'Raijinshi' Lee, who is also a Twitch streamer, tells Varcuss to use his charm as a 'cute brother' to lure women, while promising to help them improve their performance as ribbon Twitch.

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Jackson explained that Varcuss had met the victim along with a group of his friends, who were the same age as the victim, through a friend. He then began to use his 'brotherly charm' to approach them enough to have lewd conversations. He apparently convinced the girls through this 'mockery', to normalize each other's sexual slurs such as 'prostitutes', 'prostitutes', and 'cumdumpsters'.

Victims are usually not aware of what is happening. To convince his victims, Varcuss also told him how he had received many sex photos from girls and began convincing victims to send him photos of himself.

"At first the photos were innocent. Selfie only. But he felt hungry, and began asking for something more explicit. "He started asking for his photos in his underwear, and finally increased to full nudity," Jackson said.



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