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and makeup we've barely touched on our bathroom shelves - but what if we told you you could have a

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We're all guilty of stockpiling tons of beauty products, toiletries, and makeup we've barely touched on our bathroom shelves - but what if we told you you could have a clear out, and it would be for a good cause?

That eyshadow we used once, that bronzer we decided totally didn't match our skin and that extra pack of makeup wipes we only bought because it was a BOGOF, could be sent to women who need it far more.

Give and MakeUp is a non-profit initiative, started by skincare expert Caroline Hirons, which aims to get everyday essentials to women and children in need.


Credit: CarolineHirons.com

Credit: CarolineHirons.com

The charity supports Refuge, a charity helping women escaping domestic abuse, and Women's Aid in the London and Cardiff areas.

The sad truth is that each week two women in the United Kingdom are murdered by a partner or ex-partner, while one woman in four experiences domestic violence in their lifetime, and the average woman experiences domestic violence 35 times before she calls the police.

Give and MakeUp takes your unwanted toiletries, beauty products, makeup and clothing to give to these families who have escaped abuse.

Credit: Give and MakeUp

Credit: Give and MakeUp

She continues: "My eyes locked on to 'Medicines and Toiletries' and I thought of the amount of product I had sitting in my cupboard and felt ashamed. I scrapped the blog post and Give and Makeup started that evening."


Getting involved is easy, simply package up your goods (making sure you have paid the correct postage - understandably these charities cannot foot the bill) and send them one of the addresses listed below.

Credit: Unsplash/Jazmin Quaynor

Credit: Unsplash/Jazmin Quaynor

Give and MakeUp are asking for clothing including underwear and bras (new/nearly new and clean), vests (for the children), pyjamas, trousers, skirts, tights, socks, shoes and coats.

They ask that all clothing is clean and nearly new - 'if you wouldn't give it to your best friend, please don't send it to us'.

Helpful toiletries to send would be toothbrushes (new), toothpaste, nappies, tampons, sanitary towels, baby bathing products, shower gel, deodorant, body lotion and all forms of makeup, except nail polish.

Give and MakeUp accept everything second hand or new, bar lip glosses and mascaras, but ask that you not send really old makeup AKA lipsticks that are nearly used up.

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

They are also looking for toys for children, including books, colouring pads and crayons, puzzles, games, DVDs, dolls and more. Just make sure they are suitable for children.

Give and MakeUp give a few points to note before sending:

Please ensure that parcels are able to be carried by one person.

For obvious security reasons, no drop-offs are available at any of the addresses. Postal only please.

Please do not send large donations (numerous large boxes) without prior
arrangement. All of the addresses are first and foremost business addresses.

A better reason than many to have a clear out of your bathroom shelf, right?


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