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the panelists noted that the very best advice that they could possibly give is to just try it

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Following a quick shower this morning, I balled up yesterday’s pair of SAXX underwear and threw it at a dead-asleep Mikaela as hard as I could, whisper-yelling (in an attempt to not wake up the rest of the house) BAKKUUUGGAAAAN BRAAAWL as I did so.

With an opening like that, I knew that it was going to be a great day. If you’re interested in knowing how Thursday went, you can read back on its recap here.

We ate a quick breakfast of coffee and Cliff bars (I’m very surprised at how little we’ve actually needed to spend on food a this point) before checking out of our AirBnb and heading to our residence for the next two nights. Courtney’s Aunt and Uncle have a wonderful apartment in downtown Seattle that they’ve graciously let us all stay at on a few occasions. The apartment is a short Lyft to the convention centre (which saves us a ton on parking), and because we’re not paying for a hotel or an Airbnb for the entire trip, it makes the whole experience far, far less stressful for us financially (which is often a big worry for me). We’re super, super grateful for this!

After migrating all of our belongings (and vehicles) to our new home for the weekend, we decided that that the a cliff bars weren’t actually going to cut it, and walked a couple of blocks to a neat little French bakery that offered up some amazing looking pastries, and absolutely delicious French-style sandwiches. The staff at the bakery were some of the happiest and cheeriest people that I think I’ve ever seen, and this quiet meal was a great way to start the morning.

 the panelists noted that the very best advice that they could possibly give is to just try it

I don’t often take photos of food, but this sandwich was something else.

Finally, it was time to hit the convention floor. Emerald City seems to open up a little later than a lot of other conventions, with a 10AM start time on each day, and without the show floor secretly opening up an hour before the posted time, which seems to be a frequent occurrence at Sam Diego Comic-Con. I’m thankful for this slightly later start, as most groups naturally take time to get ready, and this means that even when sleeping in until seven or eight we can make it to the convention centre with time to spare!

Along with the different entrance procedures that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, security also appears to be a much higher priority for Emerald City this year. In previous years I remember simply walking in without anyone really searching me, but this year every patron had their bags searched, and was subject to a metal detector screening. Coming from Canada it always feels a little odd to see this level of security at events, but I’m also absolutely thankful for any precautions that are taken during crazy times like these.

Jake and Courtney went off to the main expo hall, while Mikaela wanted to head outside to grab some photos of the incredible cosplay on display in the courtyard outside. Naturally, Marvel cosplay is still king, and within moments we had seen numerous Avengers, and several Captain Marvels. Umbrella Academy fans were also out in full force following the release of the Netflix series just last month, and it’s also conventions like these where the masses of anime cosplayers in incredible outfits remind me that I need to start watching more (any) anime.

After some time in the courtyard, Mikaela and I decided to head back into the expo hall. The novel-obsessed Mikaela made the HarperCollins booth her first stop once again, as today the secret word “Donut” was offered up a free, signed copy of the book Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Sadly, copies had already been given out by the time we arrived. We spent some more time walking through the expo hall and gawking at all of the things we wanted to buy (including a new Singer sewing machine, as Mikaela has been heavily interested in sewing over the past few months) before Mikaela and I split up to visit separate panels. Mikaela planned to attend a panel about cosplay photography, while I planned to attend a podcasting workshop to see what sort of tips I could pick up on in regards to growing a new (well, or tenured) show. I was pretty down, defeated, and disheartened when Geekscape Games ended with its 179th episode a few months ago, but after sulking about its end for a time, I’m slowly working my way into starting up a new show. Look for more details in the coming weeks.

 the panelists noted that the very best advice that they could possibly give is to just try it

This machine was auto-gathering fabric. Pretty cool.

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