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artificial waterfalls and lakes. The singer selected the models herself

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News24xx.com - Rihanna has released half-naked pregnant women and non-standard models on the catwalk.

Singer Rihanna unforgettably closed the fashion show in New York. She turned her show «Savage x Fenty» underwear into an exotic show with a powerful social message.

Models defiled among lush plants, artificial waterfalls and lakes. The singer selected the models herself, among which were also pregnant girls.

Fashion critics call the collection of Rihanna "Oda to woman." It presents underwear for every taste and for different women, thin and fat, high and low.

The favorite of Rihanna, 21-year-old Slick Woods, has exposed not only her pregnant belly, but practically all of herself in revealing lingerie and stickers on her nipples. As it became known later, after the show, Woods immediately went to give birth.

The singer claims that the bodies of pregnant women are beautiful and they can also be sexy. The main stars of the show were the famous models - sister Gigi and Bella Hydeed. They got the most vivid images of the show.

According to Rihanna, she wanted to show that women’s underwear should be worn primarily for herself and there can be no limitations in design, color and other parameters. And the more it doesn’t matter how you look.

“Women should wear underwear for themselves. I can only hope to instill confidence and strength, showing the underwear in a different light. With it you don’t need to stick to one image. It's fun to play with it”, - says Rihanna.

You can buy a fashion kit from Rihanna for about $100 dollars. There are low-end models too, at around $20 dollars.


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