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made the headlines in September after the club shared a revealing photo on Twitter. The racy snap s

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We are fast approaching the end of 2018, with all 12 months of the year proving action-packed and full of records, sensations and scandals in the world of sport.

Amid all the headlines of glorious victories and devastating defeats, female Russian stars from the world of sport gained plenty of acclaim for their record-breaking achievements as well as eye-catching social media posts away.

RT Sport recaps 2018 month by month, looking back at some of Russia’s best and brightest female sports figures who captured the imagination.

1. January – ‘Hottest’ Russian football referee Ekaterina Kostyunina

Russian female referee Ekaterina Kostyunina was dubbed the country’s ‘most beautiful football official’ in 2018.

The 23-year-old dreams of gaining FIFA accreditation and officiating in major tournaments, including Champions League and World Cup matches.

An active social media user, Kostyunina has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram – an audience which is constantly growing, mainly because of the revealing snaps she frequently posts.

The ‘hottest whistle-blower’ said that she’s never had any trouble on the pitch, and on the contrary often receives flowers after matches from players.

2. February – Curler Anastasia Bryzgalova

In February, Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova won bronze at the PyeongChang Winter Games together with her husband Alexander Krushelnitsky.

However, alongside her podium finish it was her fascinating beauty that also made Bryzgalova a social media bombshell, with internet users comparing her with Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.

Some even said they had suddenly become interested in curling thanks to Bryzgalova’s beauty. The Olympic story soured, however, when following the Games the curler was stripped of her medal after her husband failed a drug test.

3. March – Lyubov Tkach (heptathlon)

Track and field athlete Lyubov Tkach represented Russia at various international events, including the 2015 World Athletics Championship and 2015 European junior competition.

In 2012, Tkach attracted the attention of athletics pundits by winning the national junior championships and three years later she grabbed silver at the European U23 Championships in Tallinn, Estonia.

Her main personal bests are 6,151 points in the heptathlon (Cheboksary 2015) and 4,368 points in the indoor pentathlon.

4. April – FK Yenisey football team

In April, members of the Russian women’s football team FK Yenisey pledged to take part in an ‘erotic’ photoshoot if they won the league title.

The club announced the promiscuous promise on Twitter, sharing a picture of their blonde defender Natalia Morozova posing on the pitch with a team jersey draped over her bare chest.

The idea was met with criticism from some social media users, who suggested that the team had found a cheap reason just to strip off.

Much to the disappointment of many, the semi-naked photos didn’t take place as the players failed to win the coveted title, finishing the season in seventh place.

5. May – Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova

In May, Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova competed at Roland Garros, producing her best result at a Grand Slam following her return from a 15-month ban.

The 31-year-old reached the quarterfinal, where she was beaten by Spain’s Garbine Muguruza.

Five-time Grand Slam winner Sharapova returned to action in April of 2017 after sitting out a doping disqualification for using prohibited medication meldonium.

n 2018 the tennis icon was named among top five highest-paid female athletes by Forbes, having earned more than $10 million over the past year.

6. June – Russia’s ‘hottest World Cup fan’

Natalya Nemchinova, who was spotted in the stands of Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow during the World Cup, was immediately awarded the title of the “hottest fan” of the tournament.

The blonde, dressed in a tiny white top and traditional Russian headdress, was constantly caught by the cameras and became perhaps the most recognized Russian fan during the month-long football extravaganza.

Nemchinova received widespread acclaim for her aesthetic attributes with many tourists recognizing her on the Moscow streets and asking for a photo.

However, social media users digging for information about her background came upon a revelation. The blonde was recognized as Russian adult film star, who has appeared in a number of X-rated movies.

As a result, her images have been swiftly removed from the websites and World Cup-related promo materials.

7. July – World Cup beauty Maria Liman

Along with Nemchinova, Maria Liman also set pulses racing at the World Cup during June and July.

The 24-year-old gained social media fame after posting a host of racy Instagram pictures showing her decked out in the red, white and blue of the Russian flag, with captions offering support for the boys in their home World Cup campaign.

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