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Sheer Lace Photography’ in Ogdensburg specializes in helping women feel good about themselves





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OGDENSBURG — A local entrepreneur is experiencing growing business success at her recently opened studio that specializes in the art form known as boudoir photography.

Lacey Beldock, a town of Lisbon native, is the owner of Sheer Lace Photography at 7713 State Highway 68, Ogdensburg. Although she opened the studio in May, she will be hosting a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony at the business today. The day will feature an official ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by an open house day from 2 to 4 p.m.

Ms. Beldock’s studio specializes in what is known as “boudoir photography,” a style that portrays women in intimate and romantic clothing and settings.

Since opening the doors of Sheer Lace, the 30-year-old Ms. Beldock said interest in what she does has been high in the community and business has been brisk.

“The idea is that we help our clients feel beautiful,” Ms. Beldock said. “We pamper them, and we take really good care of them, and then we take beautiful images of them. They feel beautiful having been pampered and then they actually see that they are beautiful.”

A boudoir photo session at Sheer Lace is unique for a couple of different reasons, according to Ms. Beldock, the first being what she calls a “one-day process.” She said the idea is to help create a relaxing environment where there is little to no stress regarding how the photographs will turn out.

“When you do a session with me it is just one day,” Ms. Beldock said. “They come into my studio and I have a professional hair and makeup artist that meets us, and then she does the hair and makeup on site.”

Following makeup, the actual photographic session lasts about an hour.

“We break for about 20 minutes afterwards while I select the best images,” Ms. Beldock said. “I am then able to show my clients the images straight out of the camera so they can see how beautiful they are and not have to wonder if it’s because they were Photoshopped later or something. They can see straight out of the camera that they look great due to good wardrobe choices, wonderful posing and the right lighting.”

A 2006 graduate of Lisbon Central School, Ms. Beldock said she began her photographic career like many in the business, shooting portraits, weddings and other events. She said she developed a love for boudoir photography after doing a couple of sessions for friends.

“When I first started out I did a boudoir session for a wedding client of mine and I actually didn’t like it — I felt uncomfortable,” Ms. Beldock recalled. “But fast forward a few years and another close friend asked me to do it, and I honestly loved the whole session. I learned about the other side of boudoir and couldn’t believe the confidence my friend had afterwards. Since then every single client I have had has been like that. They were confident and happy and loved their images when they were done.”

The Ogdensburg-based photographer said people often misjudge what the art of boudoir is all about, pointing out that the sessions are always tasteful and can be as innocent and tame as a client desires.

“There are lots of misconceptions, but the biggest one to me is that people think you have to be naked to do boudoir, and that is not the case at all,” she said. “Boudoir is really about being comfortable in whatever you want to wear. I’ve had clients come in dresses and fully clothed and I’ve had others in biker jackets and leggings, over-sized sweaters or lingerie. It’s about whatever people are comfortable with.”

Ms. Beldock said there are also a variety of reasons why people decide they want to schedule an intimate photo shoot at her studio.

“Sometimes it’s a gift for their significant other or maybe it is a major milestone in their life,” she said.

“Maybe they recently got married or divorced, or they lost weight or overcame a recent health struggle. There are lots of reasons.”

Ms. Beldock said she recently completed an educational program that allowed her to earn her Boudoir Certification so she is officially a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer.

Visit the Sheer Lace website at for more information on how to book a session.

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