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At the back of the hill: AVOIDING THE SUBJECT

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subject AVOIDING Back Hill

Last night smelled vile. I had forgotten how strong a cigar dive can reek. This morning, on the way to work, the nearby tidal flats stank, which was a smell that dominated most of the day. A combination of salty air, dying marsh plants, generic rot, and seagull barf.

Other than smells and physical discomfort, it was actually a pretty good day. The cigar smokers in the backroom behaved rather sanely, except for when they screamed at the television, and a friend dropped by with shortbread.

The most disturbing thing today was Facebook.

Which wants me to 'friend' a woman with big cleavages. Who doesn't speak a language in which I can make myself understood, likes musicians and bands of whom I have never heard, communicates mostly in pictures, and does not share my taste in lingerie and/or undergarments.

My ability in her tongue is mostly limited to requesting carnitas burritos.
But I doubt that she shares either my enthusiasm for or my familiarity with said comestible; likely she would not even know what it is.

It is unlikely that a common interest in lingerie and/or undergarments, but diverging opinions on that subject, can lead to meaningful dialogue.

Like most people, I very rarely discuss lingerie and/or undergarments with anybody. In fact I cannot remember the last time I had a conversation with acquaintances, friends, family members, or my ex girlfriend, about lingerie and/or undergarments.
I tend to think that some people look infinitely better wearing lingerie and/or undergarments than others. My ex does it well, but the majority of my friends probably do not (males should not wear frilly things, underwire cups, or lace, as a matter of course, and if they do I would rather not know), and I have never in my life broached the subject with my Canadian relatives, OR members of the shul which I ocassionally visited for simchas or yartzeiten.
It never got mentioned at Christmas get-togethers or Passover seders.

I have not been inside a church in years, but if forced to visit, I may bring the subject up. "What", I will ask, "were Saint Jerome's thoughts about lingerie and/or undergarments?"

Surely Paul and the later Church Fathers had opinions?
About lingerie and/or undergarments?

Tin Foil Hat Stevie came by early in the day, Little White Nipple Guy was in yesterday. From bitter experience I know that there are some subjects one does not mention when those two gentlemen are about.

Cleavages, for instance.
Or lingerie.

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