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neverhomemaker: What's In My Hospital Bag

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What hospital neverhomemaker

So,  I'm now 36 weeks -- NINE months. I delivered both Ada and Eloise at 38 weeks, and I figured I'd better pack just to be safe. And this means packing a bag for myself, a few things for baby, and then bags for both girls. Not that they're necessarily going anywhere, but I find it helpful to gather a few things to help whoever ends up caring for them while we're in the hospital.

(14 weeks, 24 weeks, 36 weeks)

I haven't yet had my GBS test (this week!), so I'm not sure of my status. If I'm positive, I know they'll keep me a bit longer in the hospital. Or if I for some reason have a c-section or other complication. Basically, I don't know how many days I'll be at the hospital.

With Ada, it was short and sweet.

With Eloise, we were there three nights.

My bag . . .  I was surprised when Ada came before my due date and went to the hospital without a hospital bag as a first-time mom. I over-compensated when planning for Eloise and brought a lot of stuff I didn't need. Regardless, each time I've had a baby, I wear the hospital gown during labor and after birth. I use the mesh underwear they provide for me as long as possible. I use the gigantic pads gladly. I don't bring much from home because I don't want it getting bloody and gross.

I may not look cute, but it makes things very simple.

(PS: I am just using an old duffle bag I've had for over 10 years. I resisted buying a cuter one because we're trying to save money. And I have fallen in love with inexpensive packing cubes to keep things separated. They are so worth it.)

Here's what's in my bag:

I'll admit it seems like a lot of clothing. I truly don't feel I need this many options unless we end up having to stay for several days. With Eloise, it was nice to have different tops as options. As far as pants go, though, I basically don't wear any until leaving the hospital.

Oh, and WHY CROP TOPS?! I saw them at Target . . . and they seem genius for wearing underneath the hospital gown during delivery. I tend to get totally undressed at some point, but would prefer to have something on top. The crop will allow them to monitor me easily. And I also plan to use the tops as nightshirts and under button-down shirts for nursing. It's a personal choice, but I like feeding below a shirt instead of above it. It's like a mini nursing cover -- LOL!

Things I'm leaving at home that I had brought in the past:

Jewelry, pads (you get plenty in the hospital), nursing pads (milk doesn't usually come in till I'm home), fancy going home outfit, any personal care or makeup more than the basics, any electronics beyond a camera and phone, books, candles, birth soundtrack, etc.

I also have never had a written birth plan. My plan is healthy mom, healthy baby. My two births were so different. So, I am open-minded. That said, I always try to avoid an epidural simply because I'm uncomfortable with needles.

For the baby . . .  I always see people pack tons of stuff for baby. In our hospital -- for safety reasons -- we're required to dress baby in hospital-marked onesies and blankets at all times. So, the clothing I'm bringing is solely for the last day right before we go home. The hospital also supplies diapers, pacifiers, and pretty much anything else we need.

What's in my bag:

That's it.

For the girls . . . 
I suppose for the girls it's not as much packing a bag . . . but just making the following things easy to find. I may have a small box in their room with these essentials so my parents or in-laws don't have to hunt around. I will have a bag at the ready if I go into labor early and they need to go with friends for a few hours until the grandparents can get here.

A pair of pajamas

Slippers or socks

Favorite book

Favorite stuffed animal

Comfort blanket (both my girls love blankets)

Easy foods (Mac and cheese, PB&J, grilled cheese, lots of fruit, granola bars)

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