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who were first contacted by the accuser in early February

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Detail Santa Reports police against

Ever since he entered the rough-and-tumble world of politics, former Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales was dogged by whispered and unsubstantiated allegations that he sexually abused a younger female cousin during his adolescence.

Members of the well-known and politically connected Gonzales family never talked about the salacious and potentially career-ending allegations, at least not outside the close-knit group.

That changed when a critic of Gonzales’ went to a City Council meeting in January and aired the allegations in public — resulting in a police investigation that has been largely hush-hush until now.

The investigation, which included interviews with the accuser’s mother and sisters, paints a picture of a family in torment over the alleged abuse and a girl so traumatized in her youth that she wrote a letter to God to say she was thinking about running away and even contemplating suicide, according to police reports obtained by The New Mexican.

The accuser “stated the first incident occurred when she was 8, making Mr. Gonzales 14,” police reports state. The accuser also “stated she remembered the incidents more vividly around the age of 13, making Mr. Gonzales 19.”

The accuser’s mother, who is Gonzales’ aunt, and one of the accuser’s sisters told police they had confronted Gonzales in the past about the allegations and that Gonzales acknowledged the abuse. Another sister recalled an incident in which she caught Gonzales with his accuser and another young female relative behind a locked bedroom door wearing only their underwear — confirming one of the accuser’s accounts.

State police investigators, who were first contacted by the accuser in early February, conducted multiple interviews in ensuing weeks and turned over their investigation to the Santa Fe District Attorney’s Office in early June.

“The D.A.’s office will determine how the case will proceed from here,” state police Lt. Elizabeth Armijo told The New Mexican in an email in late June. “Please reach out to them for further questions.”

District Attorney Marco Serna, who previously confirmed receiving the investigation, said Tuesday the allegations remain under investigation.

“My office is currently conducting a thorough review of the report submitted by State Police,” Serna said via text message.

According to state police, Gonzales declined to be interviewed as part of the investigation.

Reached for comment Tuesday, his attorney, Dan Cron, said: “These false claims, as they have been from the start, are hurtful to Javier and the entire Gonzales family. Javier has never admitted to these allegations because they are not true.”

Cron declined to take questions.

The accuser, who is now in her mid-40s, told police that the alleged abuse happened at her parents’ house in Santa Fe between 1980 and 1985. Gonzales recently turned 52.

The accuser told investigators the abuse started with Gonzales forcibly kissing her. The abuse escalated with Gonzales forcing her to perform oral sex on him and penetrating her vagina with his fingers behind locked doors, police reports state.

“She said Javier would play a game with her based on the television show I Dream of Jeannie,” reports state. “She told me Javier would be the master and she was the Jeannie. She said Javier gave orders and she would say, ‘Your wish is my command.’ ”

Several people interviewed by police said the accuser recounted her allegations of sexual abuse during different periods of her life.

According to police, the accuser told one of her older sisters at a young age that “she felt uncomfortable [with] how Javier touched her” and that she had advised her little sister to stay away from him. Police reported the accuser made the allegations about unwanted touching after a talk “about the birds and the bees and being careful when people approached them.”

When the accuser was in the eighth grade, she told a boyfriend that “her cousin Javier would touch her inappropriately,” reports state. The former boyfriend told investigators he also remembered the accuser sharing a story about being found in bed with Gonzales wearing only underwear, as well as playing a game with Gonzales based on I Dream of Jeannie.

The accuser’s mother said she remembers that her daughter didn’t want “Javier to be around her” when she was a child.

When the accuser was an adult and married, she told her mother that she had been the victim of sexual abuse by Gonzales, prompting her to call Gonzales to say she needed to speak to him, reports state.

“She told me there is no doubt Javier sexually abused [her daughter] as he admitted he did,” police reports state. “She said Javier told her he was a victim of sexual abuse as well. She told me Javier was remorseful and said [he was] sorry about the abuse.”

Another sister told police she confronted Gonzales about the allegations during a family gathering in either 1992 or 1993, reports state.

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