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even a fairly minimal size range for a bra

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Lingerie Line World might Savage

Rihanna's New Lingerie Line, Savage X Fenty

Tl;dr: Savage X Fenty might just be the “disruptive” lingerie brand we’ve been waiting for.

I’ll be honest. Most celebrity lingerie lines barely register with me. For every Elle Macpherson (now Heidi Klum Intimates), there’s a Britney Spears. For every Dita Von Teese, there’s a Halle Berry. Even fashion luminaries like Naomi Campbell haven’t been able to sustain their own lingerie brands, and that’s for one simple reason: making lingerie is hard.

Intimate apparel is a difficult market to break into even when everything’s going your way. While a decent size range for a t-shirt might be XS-3X (7 sizes) or a dress might be 2-30 (15 sizes), even a fairly minimal size range for a bra, like 32-38 B-DD, will be 16 sizes. The number of SKUs (or distinct item types) required for a passable intimates range is simply incomparable to any other item of apparel. There is no other segment of the fashion industry that requires literally dozens of sizes just to have a somewhat decent launch.

Rihanna's New Lingerie Line, Savage X Fenty

Furthermore, as we’ve mentioned on several occasions now, making bras is not like making dresses. Often those differences are ignored in mainstream fashion publications in the interests of having a catchier story (and simply because there isn’t a lot of awareness around lingerie design), but it’s worth repeating. Bras are three-dimensional feats of structural engineering requiring specialized materials and precise sewing in a way that a dress or t-shirt simply does not.

That said, even with all these potential pitfalls, I’ve been intrigued, if not pleasantly surprised, by the sneak peeks I’ve seen from the line so far. If you’re a patron of the TLA Patreon, you’ll know I made several predictions regarding the line. Some of those were wrong (there are bras!) and some were right (there’s sexy stuff too!). Now, a day before launch, we’re sharing what we know regarding the biggest intimate apparel debut I’ve ever seen.

The Size Range

Rihanna has already expanded her size range by one cup size (from DD to DDD) since our last article. I’m interpreting that as a good sign. Hopefully, it means the brand is aware of and will continue to work on further size expansions, on the axes of both band size and cup size. Though the Savage X size range does not include EVERY size (contrary to how it’s being written about in other publications), it’s still an impressive debut in an industry where a typical first size range is only 12 sizes or so (usually 32-36 A-D or B-DD).

Rihanna's New Lingerie Line, Savage X Fenty

Several people have mentioned Rihanna’s makeup line in connection with their disappointment regarding the size range, and I’m empathetic to that. No one likes to be left out. However, as mentioned in our previous post, making bras is not like making makeup. The only thing Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty have in common is Rihanna; there’s simply no way to reasonably compare the manufacturing of the two brands.

Rihanna's New Lingerie Line, Savage X Fenty

Similarly, people have mentioned some of their other favorite brands (Curvy Kate, Panache, Lane Bryant, etc.) in comparison to Savage X Fenty’s shortcomings. However, it’s important to remember that it took those brands years (if not literal decades) to expand their size range to where they are today.

The news cycle moves so quickly now, that we tend to have a short attention span when it comes to most topics, including fashion. But I believe it is decidedly unfair to expect any brand new company to be in the same place as a company that’s 10, 25, 50, or even 100 years old. There isn’t a shortcut around time.

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