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it was not uncommon for the 7-year-old girl to show up to school dirty and disheveled. In November

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women arrested daughter father selling

U.S. Latest News Father arrested for selling his 7-year-old daughter for sex to men and women By Mason White 9:22 AM May 6, 2018

James Stewart

James Stewart

A community is demanding answers from authorities after they failed to protect two young children from their own parents despite many police complaints.


The outcry came after James Stewart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was arrested for prostituting his 7-year-old daughter to men and women who wanted to molest her.

The girl allegedly told police that she was forced to touch the private parts of men and women who would then hand her parents money for drugs.

The child also told school officials that her father sent her to pickpocket strangers “because her hands are smaller than his.”

Stewart and his girlfriend, Teri Sanchez, had interactions with police over the past 6 years in regards to the neglect of their young son and daughter.

In one incident, Teri Sanchez locked her 2 children inside a car while she was in a bowling alley singing karaoke.

Officers were called several times by their daughter’s school over concerns of sexual abuse, but nothing was done.

According to school officials, it was not uncommon for the 7-year-old girl to show up to school dirty and disheveled.

In November, the girl showed up to school especially dirty and smelled of urine.

A teacher took her to the bathroom to change her clothes and found dry blood in her underwear. The teacher immediate reported what she believed was a sexual assault.

The Albuquerque police and the Children, Youth, and Families Department performed a welfare check at the Ambassador Inn, where the family was living. They determined that there was no cause to suspect abuse.

Sadly, that was not the case and the girl was being prostituted by her father.

On another occasion, the child was dropped off at school by a stranger and she was wearing “high-heels, press-on nails, and had her makeup and hair professionally done,” according to court documents.

The girl told staff members that her mother takes her to “secret parties.” After another complaint to police, the parents removed the girl from the school.

Police later learned that the “secret parties” occurred at strip clubs, where the girl was sold for sex to child predators.

After not attending school, the nurse called the Attorney General’s office and notified them of the abuse. They opened an investigation and the father was finally arrested on charges including human trafficking and promoting prostitution.


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