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association head Osman Alyüz said on Dec. 29. In 2016

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Turkish Lingerie Association expects $8 million turnover from red lingerie sales in 2017 Ceyhun KUBURLU – ISTANBUL

The Turkish Lingerie Association (TİGSAD) is expecting an $8 million worth of turnover from red lingerie sales by the end of 2017, association head Osman Alyüz said on Dec. 29.

In 2016, $4 million worth of lingerie products were sold ahead of and on New Year’s Eve, Alyüz said.

“We expect $5 million worth of red lingerie sales this year. We will also be exporting red lingerie worth $3 million abroad ahead of the New Year,” he added.

“Net sales of the red lingerie industry this year is expected to reach $8 million,” Alyüz said.

The percentage of Turkey’s lingerie sales overall have been growing at double digits, according to the TİGSAD head.

For the sale numbers to grow, the lingerie businesses keep up with the latest trends.

In 2016, the Turkish lingerie industry made nearly $6 million worth of profits, of which $3.5 million came from colored lingerie products, Alyüz said.

“This year, $7 million in profits is expected to come in. Some $4 million of it will be from colored lingerie,” he said.

Turkey has over 2,000 lingerie businesses, according to the association.

Alyüz said colored lingerie is becoming more and more popular in the world and in Turkey to the point that they are selling as much as the bestseller classic colors, such as black, white, and nude.

 Businesses are very well aware of the trend. For the past years, they have focused on enlarging their colored products operations, the association head added, citing globally famous lingerie businesses and their runway shows.

Another growing lingerie trend, according to Alyüz, is lace, silvery and bling products.

“Colored and embellished lingerie products have become women’s biggest obsession lately,” he said.

Talking about global trends and sales, he said Turkey is no lightweight in the global lingerie arena.

“Turkish lingerie businesses dominate global lingerie exports by selling to many countries including Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Turkic republics, north and south African countries as well as to Germany, the U.K., France, the Netherlands, and so on,” Alyüz said.

There are many businesses, especially in Far East Asia, that have copied Turkish lingerie businesses and their designs, he added.

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