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Tim Horan @TimHoranSJ During his Thanksgiving break from college

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Growing program family

Tim Horan @TimHoranSJ

During his Thanksgiving break from college, Rayne Schmidtberger bought shoes, shirts and jeans, but they weren’t Black Friday deals.

He was volunteering for Catholic Charities’ Adopt-a-Family program, which made him realize just how much need there was for Christmas gifts for Salina area families.

“I didn’t really know, obviously, the magnitude that they do here. That expanded my knowledge of it and it feels good to just give back to the less fortunate,” he said.

The list of less fortunate is growing.

Catholic Charities assisted about 175 families through the Adopt-a-Family for Christmas program and expects to provide gifts for 30 more, according to Michelle Martin, executive director.

Schmidtberger’s family was gathering in Salina for Thanksgiving, and he took the time to volunteer.

“I needed to do some community hours so I figured I might as well volunteer here. I knew that she (Cara Ivey) worked here and I asked if there was anything I could do to help out,” he said.

Volunteer shopper

Schmidtberger, 19, worked as a volunteer shopper, buying Christmas gifts. He was given a list of sizes and items that included shoes, shirts and jeans.

“These are pretty,” he said pointing to the tiny shoes for ages zero to 3 months.

“I didn’t want to get anything that doesn’t look stylish and also in the money frame for what they have allotted for each pair of shoes, or anything else that I needed to purchase,” he said. “I pretty much found everything I needed.”

More being helped

Schmidtberger graduated from Sacred Heart High School in Salina last fall and is now a student at Johnson Community College, where his social studies class requires community service hours.

Schmidtberger will share his experience with students in the class. He said he might be back next year to volunteer.

Ivey, volunteer coordinator for Catholic Charities, said more than 300 children and 200 adults are seeking assistance.

During a two-week time period families applied for the Adopt-a-Family for Christmas program. The application includes proof of income, 2016 tax returns, identification for all adult household members and birth certificates for all children plus their needs and sizes.

Ivey said Catholic Charities works closely with other socials service agencies to ensure that families are not being provided similar services elsewhere.

Needs being met

Catholic Charities assures that every child gets a coat, shirt, pants, shoes and toys, Ivey said.

“At least that,” she said. “They usually get more; they get supplemented with socks and underwear.”

Volunteers will review the applications and assemble bags for each family.

“On pickup days all the families have to do is pick up their bag of gifts,” Ivey said. “We give them wrapping as well.”

About 55 of those will be adopted by local businesses and families.

“They get the same list that we do and they go out and get the gifts,” she said. “We take care of the rest of those families."

Families that missed the application deadline will be able to go in Dec. 20, and Catholic Charities will use cash donations and items to fulfill requests.

“We’ll probably have another 50 families come in on walk-in day,” Ivey said.

People who wish to support the Adopt-a-Family program may donate money, drop off items at 1500 S. Ninth or call 825-0208.


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