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want to make the chest cleavage effect

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Skin colour / Black

GFEI Small chest pad insert bikinis swimsuits / invisible waterproof thickening supporting breathable underwear gather swimming pad B073LMK55S

1, when wearing the chest pad under the underwear placed in the appropriate location, so that the chest shape of the accumulation of high abundance effect.

2, want to make the chest cleavage effect, put the chest pad placed in the chest at both ends of the far position, so that it can create a natural shadow of the chest effect, especially with a low-cut jacket or dress is more The focus of attention.

3,Special and modern design makes you more attractive, charming, fashion and chic.

4, to avoid storage of silicone inserts in high temperature and low temperature environment.

5, can be reused, keep clean.

Product description

Thickness: thickening
Color: a color to a black on
Material: insert sponge pad


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