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Here Are Some Hot Date Ideas For Those Cold Winter Nights

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It’s easy enough to bury yourself and your partner under the covers and call it a romantic evening when it’s 20 degrees out. But you and your boo shouldn’t spend the whole season in a state of hibernation (unless you’re a bear) and declare that’s how you do winter romance.

Personal Space reached out to Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, for some fun and sexy date ideas couples can do together to turn up the heat when the temperature dips dangerously low.

Make a pizza … naked. (Isn't that messy?)

Cooking something with your man is always sexy, but why not turn it up a notch? After all, the oven’s on, so it’s going to be hotter than usual. “Naked pizza night where you make it yourselves and you dress seductively -- think lingerie and shirtless man -- it’s just something different and fun,” Susan says. “You can end the night eating chocolate-dipped strawberries with your favorite drink, which can be very romantic.”

Hit the ice.

Ice skating is simply one of the most romantic things you can do during the holidays. Find a local rink, lace up some skates and hit the ice together for a couple’s loop. Bad at skating? Even better! “I’m certain someone wouldn’t mind holding on to you-and soothe your aching muscles later that evening,” Susan suggests. 

Home spa yourselves. How?

Why not turn your home into your own serene oasis? Light a few candles, grab your favorite oils and give each other massages. Then jump in the shower together to get cleaned up (or maybe even more dirty?). Wrap up in the coziest of robes and relax with some chill music and a glass of wine. It’s an evening of “pure bliss, relaxation and romance,” Susan says.

Order a thriller. Get scared and snuggle. 

Turn to Netflix or Hulu and find the craziest horror flick you can stand, or an intense psychological thriller. Whip up a big bowl of popcorn and settle on the couch for a night of fright. “Watching a scary movie gets your adrenaline pumping, which creates feelings of passion and bonding,” explains Susan, and that increases your arousal level. You may be tossing and turning in the sheets all night over what you saw, but you won’t be tossing alone.

Get lit.

What is more festive than Christmas lights? (What were you thinking?) If your city is one that takes its holiday lights seriously, bundle up, grab a hot latte and go stroll the streets. If you and yours aren’t the “walk hand in hand slowly taking in the lights in all their glory” types, try driving around jamming out to Christmas songs while you hit multiple neighborhoods. “Whatever city you live in is a gorgeous backdrop for your very own love story,” Susan shares.

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