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Bodystockings Are All the Rage: Here's What's Behind the Boom

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Here What Behind Bodystockings Rage

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For years, society has had fun eroticizing lady’s undergarments. Underwear is such a hit that even used ones can turn a profit. Now, a new trend in sexy gear is emerging, and it's called the bodystocking. Because why let the fishnets stop at the thigh when they can extend all the way up to your neck?

For those unfamiliar with the product, the bodystocking is a skintight garment that covers the legs, torso, the arms, and in some cases, the face. Most are see-through, many are crotchless and all are designed to titillate the viewing party—a point that might help explain why they’ve been a longstanding stable among erotic dancers and sex workers.  

Though new in the way of lingerie trends, the bodystocking cemented its place in women’s fashion long ago. One of its earliest introductions dates back to 1861 when a young actress named Adah Isaacs Menken was cast in the play Mazeppa. In a now-famous scene where her character is surrounded by enemies, stripped “bare” and tied to a wild stallion, Menken donned a nude bodystocking, appearing as if naked. The press was so scandalized by the scene they later dubbed her the "Naked Lady.” The title stuck with her for the rest of her career.

Flash-forward to today and we’ve got actresses appearing in a lot less than what Menken wore on stage. But if things really are best left to the imagination, it makes sense that some people go crazy over pieces of fabric designed to make direct contact with a woman’s genitalia. Some become so taken with the idea, in fact, that they cross into fetish territory.

Though there’s no academic literature out there specifically on “bodystocking fetishism,” there are nods to related fields. Pantyhose fetishism can be found all over the web, with a number of adult websites dedicated specifically to the craze. Zentai enthusiasts take it one step further, dressing up in a “second skin” that covers the entire body, from the toes to the face. According to a 2007 paper published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, 12% of all fetishes revolve around something associated with the body, like legs or lingerie.

“Bodystockings are one of our top sellers at the moment,” says Nikki Keenan, marketing manager of the online retailer Spicy Lingerie. “One of the newer trends we’ve seen popping up is centered around fetish bodystockings.” According Keenan, sales for the fetish style, especially those designed to cover the face, have spiked in the past two years.

“Certain trends are going to be inspired by fashion,” she says. Though there seems to be something else at play in regards to the fetish boom the company is experiencing. “It’s more pop culture. It’s 50 Shades of Grey. It’s literature. It’s movies,” says Keenan.

In the years since 50 Shades was released, the porn industry has seen a dramatic increase in female visitors clicking on BDSM titles. Other reports estimate that sales in sex toys have spiked by an impressive 400%. It doesn’t seem entirely surprising that women are also looking to lingerie to entertain fantasies that have only recently been given the green light by society. 

“I think people are seeing this a more acceptable purchase,” says Kennan. “They aren’t as ashamed of this ‘naughty desire.’”

And it’s not just the women who are contributing to the craze. “Men love these items,” says Brooke Christian, a sex blogger at Flirty Girl Guide. “They don't care about your thigh rolls, they don't care about your back fat, they don't care about anything. All they see is a woman in lingerie and their eyes pop out of their head.” As studies have already confirmed, male arousal is strongly linked to visual stimuli. Maybe that's why the fishnet style has stuck around so long.

Of course, you don’t have to have a fetish to stock up on some bodystockings. In fact, you don’t need much money, either. Among the many now available on Amazon, most are pretty cheap. Some are listed for as little as two dollars.

And if you think money buys quality, try reading some of the user reviews for the cheap items. “I am wearing this one whenever to lure my husband in the night,” one reads. “I love it. Turns him on like a charm,” says another. One guy who bought the garment for his wife even decided to share this bit of personal information, “It stretched perfectly over every curve. Let’s just say I didn’t last too long that night!!”

His comment points to another obvious sell behind the bodystocking: they’re easy, and they’re flattering. “It really accentuates your curves and your legs, specifically, which is why I think it’s more popular than other items,” says Keenan. “Any body type can fit comfortably into a bodystocking and look pretty good.”

Even mainline department stores have jumped on board with the trend, selling more discrete versions as part of everyday fashion. When attending the Curve earlier this year, a trade show showcasing the leading lingerie brands, Christian noticed bodystockings had made it into most of the newest collections. “Everyone is wearing jumpsuits these days,” the vendors told her. “These items aren’t so scary anymore.”

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