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Chicago Fire Season 5 Recap: Episode 6

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Chicago fire Season episode Recap

Tonight on Chicago Fire 2016, Dawson finds herself in some hot water when she hits a pedestrian while responding to a call. Also, Casey and Severide find themselves working together on an arson investigation on Chicago Fire season 5. If you missed last week’s episode of Chicago Fire 2016, check out my Chicago Fire season 5 recap right here for all the details! 

Chicago Fire - Season 5

Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire season 5 started off with Brett showing up at Antonio’s house in nothing but a coat and lace underwear. Well that escalated quickly. Boden brings his step-son James to the house to shadow the guys. Herrmann tells the guys that he heard through the grapevine that his name is up for promotion and when Dawson hints that Casey should put a good word in for him, he tells Herrmann that he is in charge this shift. Meanwhile, they get a call.

The call is a young woman who fell through a skylight and has a piece of it impaling her stomach. Herrmann calls for an ETA on Dawson and Brett and they try to get there quickly, but Dawson hits a pedestrian who was crossing the street. Meanwhile, the guys need to get a new ambulance which is 10 minutes out, but Herrmann tells the guys to clean out the rig, they are going to get her there themselves.

Dawson and Brett are getting the pedestrian to the hospital and then she has to submit to a sobriety test. After taking a breathalyzer and a urine test, she is being grilled by Hatcher. Boden goes in and asks for a word with Hatcher, Hatcher tells him that he has a job to do and that he suggests that Dawson gets a lawyer outside of the department.

When Dawson gets back to the house, Severide makes a comment about the truth always coming out for the innocent. This is in regards to the arson investigation from last week’s episode. Meanwhile, there is a lawyer for the son of the man Dawson hit outside taking pictures of the ambulance. They find out that the son plans on suing the department and Dawson for what happened to his father.

Boden gets a call from OFI and he calls Casey and Severide into his office to notify them that there was an accelerant used in the fire that killed Kara. Severide is still standing by the fact that Darren wasn’t near the house when it happened, but there are ways that he could have been responsible. Boden basically tells Severide and Casey to play nice and right their reports so that they can put this investigation to bed.

Meanwhile, Herrmann gets a call, one of the chiefs wants to see him, this might be good news about his promotion. Antonio goes to see Dawson and Casey about what he was able to dig up on the father and son. The father has a history of attempting suicide and the son hasn’t had a relationship with his father since he was 10. When the son turned 18, he sued him for unpaid child support, but it was like trying to get blood from a stone. They think that the son is suing just to make some money off the father who he didn’t even have a relationship with.

Severide calls Casey and he goes to meet him at the site of the fire where Kara was killed. They are able to find some things that lead them to believe that there was an arson, but they have no way to pin it on Darren. That is until Severide finds a high tech climate control center that seems to be wired in an extremely odd way. Severide, Casey and the investigator from OFI show up at Darren’s hotel room. What they found was that the outlet his climate control center was rigged for an insurance scheme. His wife was supposed to be at her sister’s. He is arrested for the arson and for the death of his mother.

Mouch goes with Herrmann to find out what the Chief wants to talk to him about and when he gets in to talk to Chief Walker. Walker brings up a call about Herrmann’s call about transporting the patient who fell through the skylight even though his decision saved her life. This ends up being an argument between Herrmann and Walker, needless to say, he isn’t getting his promotion. Walker then tells Boden that he thinks Herrmann is temporarily unfit for duty and that gets Boden to ask what happened. He tells him that he is apparently not made to make good decisions.

That’s when they get a call. A girl is wedged between a truck and a fence. The truck blew a tire and lost control, but the fence is the only thing holding the truck up off the girl. They decide to pull the truck with ropes just enough to get Severide in to help the girl out. When Severide gets enough space to get in there, he sees that the girl is snagged on part of her bicycle. He gets his bolt cutters, cuts it, but the team isn’t able to hold the truck anymore and it comes down on top of Severide and the girl. There was still enough room for him to get the girl and himself out.

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